elizabeth-keen-lucy-brooks-the-blacklist-NBC.jpgMonday’s (Nov. 11) episode of “The Blacklist” introduced some interesting wrinkles to both Elizabeth Keen and Raymond Reddington’s pasts — and raised some questions of how they intersect.

We’ve dissected the idea that Reddington is Elizabeth’s father here in our recap. The show heavily implied it last night, but it did not state it outright and if you go back and watch the scene between Red and Sam in the hospital, it conspicuously does not say what exactly Sam needs to tell her when he says, “I need to tell Lizzie. I know what we agreed, but before I go I have to tell her. She deserves the truth.”

So, is Elizabeth Red’s daughter? Jury’s still out.

But Lucy Brooks might also be his daughter. At the end of the episode, Agent Cooper gives Red “one bite of the apple” by letting him access the Violet Criminal Apprehension Program database, where he types 042983 and up comes a profile on Brooks.

Is she the daughter he abandoned back in 1990 when, as we learned in the pilot, he left his wife and daughter and never came home? Did Lucy turn to a life of crime after Red disappeared and his wife perhaps became a victim of the Stewmaker (hence Red swiping that one photo from the book)? Lucy does have several aliases — Katherine Hayne, Erin Lissel, Molly Paplow and Kara Lewis in the ViCAP database, which would indicate she’s quite the criminal herself.

What do you think? Does Red have two biological daughters running around? Is Lucy someone else? Is Elizabeth not his daughter, but his niece or goddaughter?

“The Blacklist” airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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