As opposing forces are gathering against Rodrigo Borgia (played by Jeremy Irons), we’ve already seen him marry off his only daughter to shore up support in Italy. Now, he wants Naples on his side and that calls for another wedding on Showtime’s “The Borgias” airing Sunday (May 1) at 10 p.m. ET.
Zap2it has the exclusive first look at the wedding between Sancia of Naples and twelve-year-old Joffre Borgia (Aidan Alexander). Though, their age difference and his older brother, Juan (David Oakes), will complicate matters. 
“Doing a role like this initially scared me,” Emmanuelle Chriqui, who plays Sancia, tells Zap2it exclusively. “Sancia is very free, especially for a woman of the times. She gets into this marriage with the youngest Borgia, but she knows it’s a political move. She understands that and she doesn’t feel confined in that. To me, she’s a free spirit, emotionally, sexually, she’s a free spirit.”
“She knows he’s a dear boy and she’s very maternal with him,” the Toronto native adds. “She’s going to find her pleasure and satisfaction elsewhere and has no qualms about it. It’s so scandalous, I love it”
Viewers may remember Chriqui from the Adam Sandler comedy, “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan,” and she reprises her role as Sloan on the final season of HBO’s “Entourage,” which she’s currently shooting now. 
“It’s a really, really strong last season,” she tells us. “It’s shocking. Coming from my character, people are not going to suspect what happens. I’d say it’s a bit of a tearjerker. I’ll say that much. But, it’s just strong overall. I think the fans will be really pleased.”
“The Borgias” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on Showtime.

Are you excited to see how Sancia shakes up the Borgia household?
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