bourne legacy poster001 460x250 'The Bourne Legacy' trailer: Jeremy Renner blows us awayWe just watched the trailer for the newest Bourne film, “The Bourne Legacy” and we are totally blown away. Jeremy Renner has taken over for Matt Damon, but he plays and entirely new character. The tag line for the film is, “There was never just one.” We were skeptical about a Damon-less Bourne story, but we’ve totally come around.

Renner plays Aaron Cross, a new, mysterious secret agent. In the trailer, we see him caught up in a shootout. The powers that be talk about how his tests are off the charts. Well, yeah. He’s Hawkeye! Wait, sorry. That’s in “The Avengers.”

The film looks like it has explosions and action galore. It’s also got Edward Norton, who will sadly not be joining Renner in the newest Marvel film as the Hulk. Let us know what you think of the trailer. Were you as blown away as we were?

Posted by:jbusch