ryan seacrest nc red carpet 325 Ryan Seacrest 'trained' to keep multiple career balls up in the airRyan Seacrest has made no secret of Dick Clark being his role model. And on the business front, that’s just taken another leap forward.

The host of FOX’s “American Idol” — which returns for its 12th season Wednesday, Jan. 16 — now owns a controlling stake in Civic Entertainment Group, a marketing company that gives the public direct contact with such brands as NBC, HBO and CNN. The deal is likely to let audiences have similar opportunities with such Ryan Seacrest Productions ventures as E!’s “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” which has at least two more seasons coming.

Clark, who died in April, was known as a shrewd businessman as well as an on-camera personality. For Seacrest, the new CEG arrangement is one more step in a 2012 that also has seen him score highly profitable new deals with FOX, NBCUniversal and Clear Channel Communications.

“It’s been a great year,” he confirms to Zap2it. “To be able to participate in an Olympics for NBC Sports, and to do some of the primetime coverage for them, was something I was very excited about. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work alongside Bob Costas and that team; it was a completely new chapter for me,

“I really enjoy, and hope to thrive on, all the moving parts of being on the air daily on radio as well as wearing a few different hats in television. All of my partners have been wonderful in understanding that I do have a couple of jobs and don’t work for just one place, and they’re very supportive of that. That allows me to pull it all off.”

On Monday, Dec. 31, Seacrest will return to a now-famiilar role as he hosts ABC’s “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2013 With Ryan Seacrest” — without the iconic Clark, for the first time. While he considers it a labor of love to carry that special forward, it also remains one item on a packed professional menu that has just expanded again for Seacrest.

“We’re trained to do this,” he reasons. “It’s kind of like when you were growing up, you went to different classes at school throughout the day. The bell would ring, and you’d go to the next class. My days still continue like that.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin