the cape 320 'The Cape': First on air promo, plus the full length trailerNBC announced its midseason schedule Monday (Nov. 15), and Monday night it already had promos ready to go for one of its new series, “The Cape.”

The show is about a cop (David Lyons of “ER”) who’s framed for murder, then presumed dead in a shootout, after which he goes underground and takes on the persona of The Cape, his son’s favorite comic-book hero. He joins forces with a young woman (Summer Glau, “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”) to try to wrest control from the corrupt forces that run his city.

You might not get all that from the 30-second promo NBC is running on the air, which is more about style and mood than storytelling. But NBC also has a full-length trailer online that showcases the rest of the cast — which includes Keith David, Jennifer Ferrin, Dorian Missick, James Frain, Martin Klebba, Vinnie Jones and Ryan Wynott — and gives a little better sense of what’s going on.

Both videos are below. “The Cape” has a two-hour premiere at 9 p.m. ET Sunday, Jan. 9 and moves to Mondays the following night.

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Photo credit: NBC

Posted by:Rick Porter