david lyons2 the cape 320 'The Cape' preview: Vince is not the cape's first owner“The Cape” settles into its regular time period at 9 p.m. ET Monday (Jan. 17) with an episode that, in the words of star David Lyons, “start[s] to explore the mythology of the world.”

Palm City, the fictional place where the show is set, sprang into being pretty fully formed, but Lyons says coming episodes will take viewers into places they haven’t seen yet. On Monday, though, the origins of the cape itself will take center stage.

“I love this episode,” Lyons’ co-star Summer Glau tells Zap2it. “It’s so beautiful. It really goes into the backstory of the cape, which is a really important part of the story, because the cape itself has a dark past. There’s blood in its past.”

The episode, “Kozmo,” features guest star Thomas Kretschmann as a former friend of Max Malini’s (Keith David) who wants his garment back. When he doesn’t get it, he puts Max and his crew in danger, forcing Vince (Lyons) to confront him.

“There’s a certain — not to compare it with the one ring to rule them all, but there’s a sense of power and ability that comes with being able to wield the cape,” Lyons says. “That’s difficult to lose. So in this coming episode, you’ve got a man who’s found it and a man who’s lost it.”

A preview of what’s coming this season on “The Cape” (both in Monday’s episode and beyond) is below.

Posted by:Rick Porter