the carrie diaries fall finale recap 'The Carrie Diaries' fall finale: Carrie gets her first byline but loses her first boyfriend

“The Carrie Diaries” fall finale, “The Second Time Around,” had some good news and some not so good news for Carrie Bradshaw. The young writer-in-training finally chopped off those training wheels and got her first byline in Interview Magazine, but had to say goodbye to her boyfriend Sebastian after just getting back together. Did they break up? Not really …

After Carrie convinced Maggie to come clean to her father about who actually knocked her up (and subsequently put her in the hospital when her pregnancy had complications), her father fired Simon from the force. Then, his fiancé found out he had been cheating on her with a 17-year-old girl and dumped him, so he stormed over to the school to harass Maggie and call her some pretty awful names. 

Seriously, this guy knocked up a teen while engaged to someone else, refused to help her when she got pregnant, didn’t even check in on her when that pregnancy landed her in the hospital, and is now calling her “slut” in the middle of her high school halls? That’s just low.

Sebastian felt the same and punched Simon, and the two got into an intense fight — which Sebastian totally won, by the way. Unfortunately, due to his extensive disciplinary record, the fight got Sebastian expelled. His father was proud of him standing up for a helpless girl, though, and decided they would move to California now that there was nothing holding them in Castlebury.

So what does that mean for Carrie and Sebastian? They’re going to try long-distance. Sebastian’s dad told Carrie she can visit all the time and Sebastian promised Carrie that he would fly back as often as he can. While these two seem optimistic about their romantic future, they’re young and don’t realize how complicated and frustrating long-distance relationships are. Things aren’t looking good for Kyddshaw, but they’re blissfully happy as of now.

Someone who wasn’t so happy at the beginning of this holiday season? Walt, since his parents kicked him out of their home after finding out he was gay. The Bradshaws take Walt in, and Dadshaw proves he’s the best dad after dropping some wise knowledge on Walt. You see, Walt didn’t want to go out and socialize with his friends and boyfriend because he thought that if he “stops being gay” his parents might hate him less. After he tearfully confesses this, Dadshaw tells Walt that while being gay will make his life harder, his parents shouldn’t be a part of that. He also encourages Walt to spend Christmas with Bennet, and he ends up having a wonderful holiday with his “new family.”

Bonus easter egg: how hilarious was it watching Walt and Dadshaw watch “The Golden Girls” together, talking about each character’s traits and which one they would be? Super meta, and super awesome.

Mouse also had her fair share of good and bad news, after getting in to Harvard early admission but finding out that West didn’t apply since he thought he would get in for sure and wanted to “give” Mouse the admission spot. They had an honest conversation where West told Mouse he was tired of her competitiveness and she was tired of him thinking he was better than her. They end up breaking up, and Mouse gets a call from one of her teachers who personally spearheaded her application, and she realizes she got into Harvard on her own merit.

Do you think Sebastian and Carrie’s relationship can survive a little distance — and by little, we mean east coast to west coast — or is this the end of Kyddshaw as we know it?

“The Carrie Diaries” returns Friday, Jan. 3 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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