carrie diaries season 2 premiere post 'The Carrie Diaries' Season 2 premiere: EP Amy B. Harris talks Carrie's new attitude, meeting Samantha, Walt's identity crisis, and more

With the arrival of young Samantha Jones, expect “The Carrie Diaries” Season 2 (premiering Friday, Oct. 25) to look a lot different than its freshman season.

AnnaSophia [Robb] and I talked a lot about this at the end of the first season: Carrie had experienced all these amazing firsts, on the romantic side, her first, ‘I love you,’ the first meeting of someone that’s going to change your life, and then meeting the city for the first time,” executive producer Amy B. Harris tells Zap2it. “So when we talked about what the movement would be for Season 2, it was really about with all these amazing firsts behind you, who are you? I called the first season the age of innocence, and the very last episode the age of innocence lost. The second season will be what is the fallout now all that has happened.”

Harris says that with all of Carrie’s Season 1 experiences under her belt, her attitude and outlook on life will be different this season. “I think Carrie is a little bit wiser, a little bit more grown up, a little bit more hurt,” Harris says. “That was really fun for us to start exploring who Carrie was once all those firsts were behind her, her first betrayal being the last piece of the puzzle at the end of the first season.”

Speaking of that betrayal, after Sebastian cheated on Carrie with her best friend Maggie, is there any hope left for these two young loves to work out their issues and get back together? “For Carrie, that betrayal looms large for her through much of the season. She’s not going to be able to let go of how hurt she is,” Harris reveals. “I think she’s smart to not forgive him when she knows she won’t be able to forget. Sebastian and Carrie will definitely be in each other’s lives in part because when you’re in high school, you don’t have a choice. But they are going to have other people in their lives and they’re going to be exploring other experiences away from each other.”

These “other people” Harris is talking about include Molly Sims’ cougar who is set to romance Sebastian, and Chris Wood’s character who will be a big (not Big) love interest for Carrie. Are these two permanent additions, or will they just delay Carrie and Sebastian’s inevitable reconnection? “Whether or not they come back together can be seen as the season goes on,” Harris says. “But I don’t know if she ever did, or if Sebastian ever said ‘I love you’ to anybody before her, so that first ‘I love you’ and the person that holds that first in your heart is a huge deal for everyone in the world. Whether you feel you wasted it on someone who was undeserving or if it was a wonderful thing or a terrible thing, those are the firsts that everybody can remember. They’re definitely connected to each other but there are big people in their lives who are going to loom large this season and keep them from reconnecting.”

One connection fans will see immediately in the Season 2 premiere is the highly-anticipated first meeting between Carrie Bradshaw and Samantha Jones. “The fun for me of this series is creating these origin stories for these iconic characters and when I thought a lot about our Samantha from ‘Sex and the City,‘ she’s a wonderfully free, uninhibited, sexually confident woman, but who didn’t really seem to want to have a committed relationship with a man,” Harris says. “That wasn’t a bad thing, that was something to be celebrated. But she had incredible friendships. Samantha would see sex as something that is fun and empowering, but she wouldn’t necessarily see hooking your wagon to a man as being such a positive thing. What I love about the Samantha our show brings is that she doesn’t really have a place to live, jobs can come and go, but what she’s learning from Carrie is that friendships and commitment to people who are reliable is a wonderful thing. That’s going to become a huge relationship for both of them.”

Newcomer Lindsey Gort will portray the iconic character of Samantha, and Harris warns that this younger version will be a little different from what we’ve seen on “SATC.” “What I love about what Lindsey brings to the table and how we’re writing Samantha is that she hasn’t totally found her armor of fabulosity,” Harris says. “She’s still showing more vulnerability about what the world could do to her and yet her approach to it isn’t to cower or be afraid. It’s, ‘All right, I’ve got nothing to lose, let’s go out there.’ That will be really important for Carrie to see that you don’t always have to own big things or be afraid. You can celebrate the unknown.”

Someone who won’t be taking Samantha’s lessons on celebrating the unknown is Walt as he continues to struggle with his sexuality and what it means for him romantically. “His 18th birthday was put out there as a big date for him and Bennett. For Walt, because he doesn’t have a gay life yet and doesn’t know a lot of gay people in the world, that date is very huge for him,” Harris says. “But for Bennett, who is out in the world and meeting people and has a community already, I’m not sure if that date is looming as large and that’s going to cause some problems for them.” 

Regardless of his romantic future with Bennett, Walt has a lot of self-discovery to do before he can find happiness with anyone. “For Walt, his stories this season are two-fold. He is not going to be coming out to his parents or in Castlebury,” Harris reveals. “In high school in 1985 there was not a safe environment for people to come out. So that’s going to be a huge issue for him. And then in Manhattan, that AIDs epidemic is running rampant so if you’re a gay man finding yourself, how will that alter your experience?” 

Of course, no matter where he is physically, Walt will have to overcome his upbringing emotionally to accept who he is this season. “He’s totally a WASP. So for him trying to figure out how to be gay and still be authentic to who he is which is somewhat emotionally shut down but trying to be open, it’s going to be difficult,” Harris says. “There are lots of different ways to be gay in the world. You can be flambouyant, you can be a drag queen, you can be all sorts of things, so how Walt identifies himself is going to be a challenge for him.”

“The Carrie Diaries” Season 2 premieres Friday, Oct. 25 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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