magic city cast 2 'Magic City': Kelly Lynch and Mitch Glazer on why it isn't 'Mad Men'Though it hasn’t even made its network debut, Starz’s new series “Magic City” has already generated so much buzz it’s been picked up for a second season and is drawing early comparisons to standout programs like “Mad Men” and “The Sopranos.”

“It’s amazing no one has ever done a show set in this era,” actress Kelly Lynch, who plays Meg Bannock, the former sister in law of star Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character, and is the real-life spouse of series’ writer and creator, Mitch Glazer, tellz Zap2it.

“We were surprised the show got picked up in the first place, and even more surprised about the second season. It’s so well done. People are not going to be watching a television series, they’re going to be watching eight movies.”

Delving into the complex era —  a time of cultural revolution and complicated politics in circa 1950’s Miami — Lynch says “Magic City” was originally conceived as a film, but ended up feeling like a better fit for TV where the story would have a chance to develop further.

Based on true tales from Glazer’s life growing up in South Beach, it is the overall glamor of the posh setting, and a rich, cinematic style of storytelling that those behind the project say will set it apart from others.

“I think ‘Mad Men’ is brilliant and I love the show, but I wrote this and sold this seven years ago before it aired,” says Glazer. “I wrote this about my hometown. It’s a little irritating — I feel like I have to explain — I have notes on this from back in the ’70s.”

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