celeb-apprentice-all-stars-sandy.JPGA week removed from Hurricane Sandy blasting the East Coast, people are still waiting for hours in gas-station lines in New York and New Jersey. Unless, according to a report, you happen to be part of the transportation department for “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

Over the weekend Gawker posted an e-mail from someone claiming to be an “Apprentice” crew member — “The show’s star is a certain blonde haired blow-hard who has an obsession with our current president,” the tipster wrote — saying a fleet of 15-passenger vans would be driving from Manhattan to the nearby suburbs of Yonkers or New Rochelle to fill their tanks.

On Sunday, the crew member detailed the journey, which they said entailed 18 vans driving to Yonkers. “We got to the BP gas station … and there was a huge car line for it. Since we didn’t want to attract attention to caravan we spilt up and parked nearby waiting for the word to move to the station,” the tipster writes.

Gawker’s source also says the crew got a police escort to block other incoming traffic, while the adjacent convenience store hung out a sign reading “No gas.”

The original post also brought a response from another supposed crew member, who rallies to their co-workers’ defense by pointing out that the crew is made up of people who are having the same difficulties as others affected by Sandy. The response also calls the original tipster “an unequivocally disgusting person” and invites the tipster to give up his or her job if it’s so offensive. The response does not, however, mention the alleged special treatment the crew vans received.

An NBC rep tells Zap2it the network has no comment on the reports.

Posted by:Rick Porter