Joanrivers_thecelebrityapprentice_s2_240 Last week, Joan Rivers allegedly quit “The Celebrity Apprentice.” She huffed and she puffed and she stormed out of Trump Tower. She still wasn’t present when the show began this week. The million dollar question was “would she return?”

Yes, yes she would. We all kind of knew that, and I’m happy she came back. I fully believed heading into tonight that she was going to pull out all the stops in going after Annie, and, if you haven’t figured it out by now, I have wanted to see Annie go down for a long time.

With next week being the finale, the show had to get rid of three folks tonight and the first went down in a traditional task — making a jingle and radio commercial for Chicken of the Sea. My two favorite candidates — Joan and Jesse — were over on Award-winning singer-songwriter Clint Black’s team. Score!

I had a good feeling about the task, Clint was managing Kotu and Annie was in charge at Athena, setting up another great opportunity to see Annie disappear. Plus, if Kotu lost, my two picks would be safe because obviously Clint should have been able to carry his team to victory and would go down for the loss.

Poor deluded Annie, at some point during the task she decided that she had not only written a great jingle, but that there was no way that Clint was that much better than her as a songwriter. I think she actually believed what she was saying. I have to assume that after she records a platinum country album she’ll go after a Heisman… how hard could that be?

Now, it is true that Annie and Brande beat Kotu — apparently the execs didn’t like Clint’s country jingle — but that doesn’t make Annie a songwriter of Clint’s caliber. It just doesn’t. I can accept Kotu’s loss but the real problem is that now we can all expect to see a Christmas album from Annie on store shelves this holiday season.

Clint ended up getting fired, as we knew he would with a Kotu loss, leaving me feeling as though we were doomed to see Annie in the finals. My one shining hope was Piers Morgan. Piers got to give his recommendations on finalists to Trump and could possibly have convinced The Donald to get rid of Annie.

Of course, however, Piers liked her. That wasn’t a big surprise, they’re both hard-nosed, smart people who can come off as terribly mean. They’re also great fundraisers and recognized early on that the show is mostly about fundraising.

Much to my chagrin, Annie made the finals. I get the reasons for it, and think that she’s probably the strongest candidate — I just don’t like her and for me that does matter.

At one point in the boardroom — after Trump fired Brande for being way out of her depth — The Donald asked if Jesse would bring his wife to the finals should he be in them. Jesse did the classy thing — he refused to answer. I respected Jesse even more for that. Trump didn’t, he fired Jesse for not using his Hollywood contacts.

So, there you have it, next week we’ll get the battle we’ve been wanting — Joan versus Annie. If Joan can raise more cash she might be able to take this thing, but that happening is kind of like a 50-1 shot winning the Kentucky Derby.

I have to find out if there’s still a way to donate money for Joan.

Bits and pieces:

  • Brande was all distressed in her one-on-one with the camera that Clint was on the other team for the jingle-writing. She tried to spell the word “crap” but it came out “S-R-A-P.” I’m not actually surprised by that, no matter how much she says that she’s not a dumb blonde.
  • At this point, how do you feel about Jesse? I still love everything about the guy and think he did the right thing in the boardroom. Do you disagree? Should he have promised Hollywood money so that he could make the finals?

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Posted by:Josh Lasser