aubrey-oday-pics-twitter-arsenio-hall-the-celebrity-apprentice-2012-nbc.jpgThanks to sneak peeks from Lisa Lampanelli and Aubrey O’Day, viewers knew there was even more to Arsenio Hall’s war room vent about Aubrey than what was seen on the April 1 episode of “The Celebrity Apprentice.” And on Sunday (April 8), Arsenio kept the hits toward Aubrey coming calling her a “b—-” and a “whore.”

“You’re going straight for ‘b—-‘ and ‘whore’?” Lisa asked him. “Every woman in America is going to hate you.”

The tension between Aubrey and Arsenio came to a head in the boardroom last week just before Donald Trump announced project manager Arsenio’s team’s victory for the Walk with Walgreen’s task. After feeling bullied by Arsenio, Aubrey headed for the elevator, while the rest of her team headed back to the war room. Viewers were led to believe Aubrey might be gone from the show for good. Aubrey took to Twitter to put an end to the cliffhanger, joking to fans that she simply “went to church.”

“My cousin died of AIDS recently … I kind of haven’t dealt with it,” Arsenio, whose benefiting charity for “The Celebrity Apprentice” is the Magic Johnson Foundation, said on the April 8 episode. “I saw Aubrey between me and victory.”

Later after Aubrey returned for the next task, she and Arsenio seemingly settled their differences.

“Those things really hurt, that you think those things of me,” Aubrey said to Arsenio.

“I’m sorry it went to that,” he told her.

“The language wasn’t necessary,” he added later. “I’m so glad that instead of shutting down, she talked to me.”

But did these two really make up?

“Do I really like him? No, but I have to bite my tongue for awhile and be a team player,” Aubrey later said.

Before announcing the winning team for the commercial task, Trump asked if Arsenio and Aubrey had buried the hatchet.

“I probably got the right results with the wrong language,” Arsenio said.

Posted by:Jennifer Harper