michaels 'The Celebrity Apprentice': Bret Michaels is victorious againOf course, there’s one thing on all of our minds while watching “Celebrity Apprentice” this week, and that’s Bret Michaels‘ health. Despite a setback last this week, Michaels plans to be back on stage by the end of May.  The May 2 episode was dedicated to Michaels, with Donald Trump‘s “thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.”

Last week, Trump decided not to send anyone home – probably because his two favorites,  Michaels and Sharon Osbourne, were on the chopping block. This week, he’s brought the two most boring executives on the planet – from Clockwork Home Services – to judge the celebs on their abilities to write and perform 30-second radio spots. Seriously. These guys make Ben Stein look dynamic and edgy. They didn’t want any humor in their spots at all. How exactly does Clockwork Home Services expect to make plumbers interesting if we can’t crack a few crack jokes?

Michaels agrees, and as project manager, he decides to make the crack joke in the Rock Solid commercials anyway. Thank God someone still has a sense of humor, because on the Tenacity team, Summer Sanders does what she does best: bores us to sleep. Whenever the camera cuts to Tenacity, we consider taping our eyelids open just to stay focused.

Meanwhile, the Rock Solid team was having fun. Sure, they may have been making crude double entendres and they may delight in fart noises and poop jokes, but at least Michaels, Osbourne, and Maria Kanellis have fun. This is television! Isn’t that the point?

Speaking of poop jokes, we really, really didn’t need to hear Holly Robinson-Peete‘s description of her husband Rodney Peete’s large toilet-clogging bowel movements. We would love to be able to erase that particular piece of information from our minds. Forever.

Tenacity had a serious dilemma. Should they let Cyndi Lauper, Grammy Award winning singer, sing? Duh. Luckily, after endless deliberation, the team made the right call and put Cyndi on the jingle. It turns out to be the only thing that Clockwork Home Services didn’t hate about the Tenacity spots.

There’s a new face in the board room this week: Eric Trump, the son that Donald Trump hides behind the curtain until Donald Trump Jr. can’t make it, apparently. Can we discuss Eric’s hair? If your dad was Donald Trump, who has been mocked for his entire life for his bizarre comb-over, wouldn’t you try to go a different direction? We’ve never seen a Trump combover on a guy whose hairline isn’t even receding yet.

Honestly, I’m surprised that Summer was eliminated, given that her Boring is Best policy seemed to jive perfectly with the Clockwork snoozefest. It seemed that the Clockwork folks didn’t mind Bret’s crude humor after all, though, because Rock Solid took home the win and Bret got another $40,000 for the American Diabetes Association.

We’re all thrilled that Michaels has been so successful on-screen while he struggles to recover from his shocking brain aneurysm. He’s been a fantastic competitor on the show – despite his team’s many failures, MIchaels has performed consistently and been entertaining, which is more than we can say for almost anyone else. We hope he takes it all the way to the May 23 finale, and most importantly, we hope he’s healthy and strong to show up on the live show.

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