celebrity apprentice 1 'The Celebrity Apprentice': Emily West and Luke Bryan get makeoversTrace Adkins returned to “The Celebrity Apprentice” on April 18, and he brought new artists Emily West and Luke Bryan with him. Apparently they need makeovers, though we think they’ve been doing just fine on their own. Emily’s song “Blue Sky” features superstar Keith Urban, and Luke Bryan took home the Best New Artist award at tonight’s Academy of Country Music Awards.

Cyndi Lauper and Goldberg were named project managers, though Goldberg understandably let Bret Michaels take over. After all, who better knows how to sell a musician than an 80s icon?

Cat Fight… Almost

There was some serious tension going on with the women’s team. Cyndi Lauper was a very demanding project manager. She took control and didn’t delegate at all. Maria and Holly were visibly frustrated throughout the entire task, but we think they can suck it up. Last week, the other women didn’t listen to Cyndi at all – they literally put the phone down while Cyndi was pitching ideas. So they can dish it out, but they can’t take it?

Luke Bryan, Now Appearing in the Role of Bret Michaels

Bret’s media training for Luke basically consisted of a lesson in how to hide your hangover. No surprise there! Luke wasn’t so keen on the whole ‘make-over’ deal. He nitpicked everything from the word choice in his biography to the chain Bret made him wear. Hmm… that chain is exactly like the one Bret wears. Coincidence?

Luke totally charmed us, but come on, dude. You’re on this show to promote your album. Even if you hate your necklace, you can take it off when the cameras stop rolling. It’s not a tattoo — and considering Bret Michaels was in charge, Luke’s lucky he didn’t get one of those.

“Rain is a Good Thing” and “Blue Sky”

We watched the Academy of Country Music Awards tonight before watching “The Apprentice,” and just when we thought we’d had enough country music, Luke Bryan and Emily West performed their songs. They’re both so undeniably talented that they moved Cyndi to tears… and Curtis to break into song. Luckily, he’s decided to stick with cooking.

Board Room

Trump obsessed over Michaels’ ever-present bandanna. Did we see a bit of terror in Bret’s eyes when Trump wanted to know what, exactly, was under that bandanna? It’s okay, Bret. Trump won’t make you reveal your secret forehead.

Ultimately, the men lost, which wasn’t a surprise because the women not only had Cyndi, but also Sharon, who is one of the most successful talent managers ever. After Goldberg admitted that 95% of the work was done by Bret – then 86%, then 70% – Trump fired Goldberg. 

Top Moments

Emily and Luke really brought out the feisty side of the contestants! It was hard to narrow these down.

  • The number one moment was obviously when Chef McHottie (Curtis Stone) and Luke took their shirts off to see if they were built the same way. The image of two dudes standing around half-naked to discuss who had the fuller chest was priceless.
  • Maria on media training: “You know what they always used to ask me? Are you shaved or are you hairy.”
  • Goldberg on meeting with the women’s team: “I don’t like negotiating with people that I can’t beat up. They’re women, for God’s sake. Let them have what they want.” We’re surprised Trump fired him. They’re kindred spirits.
  • Bret on makeover magic: “Guyliner will bring him superpowers.”
  • Emily West’s performance of “Blue Sky” blew us away. We hit iTunes in search of the song before she’d finished her first verse – and that was before we found out that all proceeds from both “Blue Sky” and “Rain is a Good Thing” will benefit Cyndi’s True Colors fund for the next month.
  • Holly on Cyndi’s managerial skills: “Cyndi’s creative juices were flowing. Her creative juices were splattered all over the place.” That’s… a little gross.
  • Emily on Trace Adkins: “You smell like coffee and leather. Just like a man.”
  • The softer side of Goldberg: “What color are your eyes, Luke? Yes, America, I just asked that.”
  • We loved it when Cyndi took Emily aside after her performance to give her some genuine support and advice. For a new artist, having a veteran like Cyndi Lauper in her corner is invaluable.

We’ll miss Goldberg’s growly angry voice, but we think Trump made the right decision tonight. Bret did good work while Goldberg was stuck in traffic… and Curtis is too pretty to leave. Next week, we’re in for the much-needed team shake-up, so hopefully the men will stop dropping like flies.

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