Thankfully, this week we’re back to a single-hour dose of The Celebrity Apprentice tonight. The sour taste from the two-hour filler-edition last week still hasn’t left my mouth, but apparently they could have made it three hours because, much to my distress, it spilled over into tonight.

Right at the top of the show, Stephen Baldwin, liar, hypocrite, and coward extraordinaire, decided that he couldn’t possibly continue on Piers’s team. He insisted on meeting with Trump immediately (this took place, ostensibly, right after last week’s boardroom). Stephen wanted to resign. Wait, check that, Stephen said he wanted to resign, what he actually wanted was more airtime, more drama, and to go to the other team. He made it seem like it was Trump’s idea and that he, Baldwin, really did want to leave the show, which Trump seemed to buy, but Stephen isn’t one to shun airtime, he had another idea up his sleeve from the beginning.

Stephen went back to the suite to inform everyone of Trump’s decision and then, immediately after that, he told Empresario that he would be missing the next day anyway (he’d be back for the presentation, but would miss the development on the upcoming project) in order to go speak at a church. Omarosa gamely tried to decline Trump’s offer of Baldwin the next morning, but was rebuffed by The Donald.

The task for this week, as explained by Vera Wang, was to design a living window to promote Vera Wang designed Serta mattresses. Yup, Vera Wang designed Serta mattresses. Immediately I wondered why Vera Wang would be designing a Serta mattress, and why anyone would pay a premium for a mattress that might look pretty but would be completely covered by bed sheets anyway. I quickly abandoned that line of though, if she and Serta can get people to buy them, good for her.

Omarosa crowned herself PM for Empresario, and quickly announced that she a "brilliant, brilliant" idea. She described the Vera/Serta thing as "the perfect marriage" and wanted to do a wedding-themed window.

Lennox Lewis was nominally the PM for the men, but Piers kept trying to be front and center. I’ll agree with Piers’s main complaint, that Lennox ought to have made some decisions rather than asking people to vote on everything, but the odds are that if Lennox did that Piers would disagree with what Lennox said anyway. In the end, it was Trace Adkins again though that came up with the men’s slogan. The men really owe that man a debt of gratitude, because he seems, by far, the most creative of the guys. Hydra ended up doing a Cleopatra/Mark Anthony thing (a great romance from history with a strong woman).

During the design stage, Nely Gal├ín said to the camera that she trusted Omarosa. Marilu Henner was quickly thrown on screen, also speaking to the camera, and she said that Omarosa wouldn’t necessarily stab someone from behind, that Omarosa didn’t care enough to do it from behind, she’d come at you from any which way possible. Now which of those women do you think is smarter?

When it came time to present the living window displays, Vera gushed all over Empresario’s. She loved it, and Omarosa started going off about how her team had won and how she was going to "TKO Lennox Lewis." Vera, of course, also gushed about Hydra’s design when she saw it. Lennox, naturally, thought his team had won. Only one PM would be right, and I think you all know exactly who I was pulling for.

In the boardroom, right after Hydra started to come apart, arguing about Lennox’s management style (or lack thereof), Trump announced that the men had in fact managed to win the task. Take that, Dragon Lady!

It was no surprise that Omarosa chose to bring Stephen back into the boardroom, she doesn’t like him and he didn’t really help with the task (but he didn’t hurt it either as he was absent half the time). It was a stupid call on Omarosa’s part, and Trump said as much before giving her the chance to take it back. The crazy woman then said that she wanted to have the whole team stand together in the boardroom rather than her being forced to select two people.

One always has to remember with Omarosa that as tenacious as she is, she just has never been that smart. There was no way Trump was going to allow that, and it just made Omarosa look scared. George, who was back this week, ended up being the one to tell Omarosa that she was ridiculous and that she would have to make choice. In the end, Omarosa opted to bring back Nely (Omarosa didn’t get the feedback she needed from her) and Marilu (Marilu didn’t clearly communicate her thoughts according to the Devil Woman).

Trump clearly, and for some ridiculous reason, has had it in for Nely for a long time. He opted to fire her tonight solely because he didn’t get the opportunity to do it when Gene Simmons chose to not bring Nely back into the boardroom. It was Omarosa’s "brilliant, brilliant idea" that ended up losing tonight, and the biggest complaint about Nely this week was that she couldn’t force Omarosa, the project manager, to go in a different direction. Trump was very open and honest about Nely getting fired for a past mistake and not one on this task, completely negating other weeks where Trump opted to not fire people for past mistakes saying they were irrelevant.

He’s fickle. I guess it’s his show and he can be fickle, but it’s not fun to watch. He didn’t want to fire Omarosa, who unquestionably (seriously, try and argue it) deserved to go tonight. I don’t know why he likes the Evil Queen, but he does, (ratings, maybe?) and despite tonight’s loss being wholly her fault, he didn’t want to lose her. He ought to be ashamed of himself. I’m sure he isn’t, but he ought to be.

A thought and a quote:

  • It was nice to have George back sitting next to Trump tonight. He really added something to the show when he was a regular and they should think about bringing him back next season.
  • Piers on the Dragon Lady — "Omarosa’s ego writes checks her body can’t cash." What I want to know is if she also is getting sent to Miramar. After all, she was number two, Cougar was number one. Cougar lost it, turned in his wings, now she’s number one. And, if that’s not a reason to strap her to a rocket and send her off into the wild blue yonder I don’t know what is.

Wherever Omarosa’s travels take her I sincerely hope it isn’t The TV and Film Guy’s Reviews, though you should feel free to visit early and often.

Posted by:Josh Lasser