has become the Piers Morgan show. I can’t quite tell whether he’s destined to become the winner or to ignominiously lose his head, but whatever happens I’m sure it won’t be pretty. I’m pulling for him to win, but he may be just a little too mean to come out on top.

Tonight’s task was for the teams to design a sandwich for Quiznos, sell it for two bucks a pop, and make more than the other team. No black books were allowed and the teams only had two hours to create a sandwich and two hours to sell it. It was a good, old-fashioned task, the only question was whether the teams would be able to do a decent job at it (not that there was a real criteria for judging a good versus bad job). Trace Adkins and Stephen Baldwin were still on one side, with Trace running the show, and Lennox Lewis took the reigns (with Piers cracking the whip) of Hydra.

Trace wanted to make a "Cowboy Club" sandwich, and they were convinced that the other team would be doing a "Lennox Lewis Knockout Sandwich." Trace and Stephen weren’t quite right as Piers came up with the "Lennox Lewis Champ Sandwich." Hydra’s idea with their Champ Sandwich was to take the most popular sandwich their Quiznos store sold, change the cheese on it and sell it as a new item, whereas Empresario’s club was more or less a club sandwich on flat bread (with prime rib as the main meat).

Hydra’s main issue tonight was that they ran into a problem with the fliers they were supposed to have showing up very late. Carol was in charge of the fliers, but it didn’t appear to be her fault that they didn’t show up on time. Piers didn’t buy the excuses Carol gave at all, but I don’t think Carol was lying. However, if they lost the task it wouldn’t really make a difference whether it was her fault or not. Piers wouldn’t even have to push the problem in the boardroom, that’s just how the show works — if your area falls apart, it doesn’t make a difference if it was your fault or not, you’re gone. Empresario, didn’t seem to have such difficulties with their fliers, they went to a nearby copy place rather than relying on a delivery service like Hydra.

Carol did do a far better job selling sandwiches than she did with the fliers (which did eventually arrive). Lennox, for his part, stood outside, smiling, signing autographs, and taking pictures. The line at the counter in their store was huge, but that didn’t mean much, Stephen and Trace were seemed to be pumping out sandwiches at a high rate as well. Empresario’s line may not have been as long, but they did have at least one bulk order.

Back in the boardroom, we were told that Empresario sold 253 sandwiches to Hydra’s 313. Lennox was, once again, the champ, and even if Piers is to lose in the competition, it wouldn’t be tonight. Instead, it was to be Trace or Stephen heading out. Trace, as the strong silent type, represented a completely different sort of leadership than we had seen with Stephen. Trace would be my pick in a head-to-head competition with Stephen, but Trump and I don’t always see things the same way.

Today, however, Trump and I were completely in sync. We both acknowledged that Stephen had done a great job, but that Trace was just better overall. Both Stephen and Trace believed that, quite possibly, the loss belonged to the team named Empresario, not to them. They felt like the team was a loser from the beginning of the season and that they were both trying to fix a sinking ship that they had been thrown onto. Trump seemed to agree with them, not that it was going to save their skins tonight.

When it came down to it, Stephen suggested that due to how the game is played it was Trace that ought to be fired. While that was an accurate sentiment (and not said in a competitive way), Trump ended up getting rid of Stephen because Stephen didn’t make any decisions in tonight’s task and because Stephen hasn’t raised that much money in the past couple of weeks. He also asked Ivanka who she would fire prior to rendering his decision. Earlier she had said that Trace ought to go, but she switched her vote the second time around, suggesting Stephen ought to be the one to leave. Trump agreed and rendered his verdict, but I got the sense that he gave his daughter another chance to make the right call so that he wouldn’t be seen as going against her. It’s good to be the boss’s daughter.

But, after the firing, things weren’t yet finished for the night. A few minutes after Trace returned to the suite, Trump called the final four back to the boardroom. He announced that before that night was over, two more people would be fired. We wouldn’t find out who those folks would be this week however, for that we have to wait until the next episode.

Until that time, you can find me over at The TV and Film Guy’s Reviews. But, I will say that I firmly believe the final two to be Trace and Piers.

What do you think, who are the last two standing?

Posted by:Josh Lasser