celebrity apprentice meatloaf gary busey 320 'The Celebrity Apprentice': In Camping World, Gary Busey is king

Was the competition stacked against the women on “The Celebrity Apprentice” when the teams had to market and brand Camping World, a one-stop shop for camping gear? 
No, we think they lost, because they never quite understood that when it comes to camping, the gear sells itself. Who wants to be out in the wild without the proper equipment? It’s camping that needed to be sold, because that’s the first hurdle – getting people to want to “rough it” in the first place. And then that they should go to Camping World for all their gear. And the women failed on both of those goals.
The men won for selling the experience and having a superior branding display with John Rich on his guitar and Jose Canseco throwing the ball around with fans. All together, it hooked people in to the ideal vision of a camping experience.
Things didn’t always look picture perfect. The men had a disastrous first day as Gary Busey stepped into the project manager role and showed that even when he’s in charge, he can’t focus. Who knew what he was saying? The guys basically guessed their way through the day. The funny thing is each guy, no matter how unimpressed with their double-talking leader they were, brought something to the table. Where Gary didn’t care enough, pop-rock boy bander Mark McGrath worried too much. Where creativity lacked, John composed a little country jingle.

On the women’s team, model Niki Taylor may have been a lot better about communicating, but her team wasn’t exactly the easiest to handle. It’s a no-brainer that Star Jones would take an early lead on the challenge. In her mind, she’s always project manager until she sees a possibility to exploit a mistake that can be used later. That’s when she suddenly can’t make a decision. But, oh, happy day, it looks like we’re seeing the first seeds sprouting of what’s supposed to turn into the epic Star-NeNe Leakes feud!

celebrity apprentice dionne warwick 320 'The Celebrity Apprentice': In Camping World, Gary Busey is king

Dionne Warwick was up to her old tricks – emphasis on the “old.” Stubborn, dismissive, self-righteous and condescending, Dionne was once again more of a hindrance than a help. But, to be more specific, Niki told her how important it was to get to Home Depot to get trees and artificial turf for the outside, yet she ignored that and went to Bed, Bath and Beyond instead. We can’t say that would have gotten them the win, but it wouldn’t have hurt.

In the end, though, Niki was right. She’s to blame for not having more of an overall branding message, which is really why they lost, and not being more assertive with the women about what she wanted accomplished. But while Trump applauded Niki’s integrity, we’d have liked to have seen some fight on her part. After all, this is TV.
By the way, anyone else freak out at the sight of Donald Trump’s red, sunburned face? Ouch.
Posted by:Jethro Nededog