Joanrivers_thecelebrityapprentice_s2_240 Over the years there have been a number of big feuds on “The Apprentice,” but the fight currently raging between the Rivers women and Annie Duke on “The Celebrity Apprentice” might put the rest to shame. And, even if I find myself rooting for Joan, I also think that tonight she probably ought to have gone home.

It was certainly my hope that Natalie’s ingenious and evil plan to have poker players bid on stuff against Annie Duke would work. It was a great idea, but the person Natalie got in touch with was a friend of Annie’s.

Damn it! How much fun would it have been to see Annie get taken out by other poker players? She went on an incredible rant when she learned what had taken place. I don’t think I can recall a rant like that on the show in recent years, and it took place when Annie was winning the fight. Imagine what would have happened if she had lost due to such a tactic. It would have made for great television.

Athena won the task, and it was obvious from the moment Annie Duke began as the auctioneer that they were going to take it. Then we got Clint Black as the auctioneer for Kotu and he was a disaster. I’m not sure that it was entirely his fault — he wasn’t great, obviously Joan should have been doing it — but the Kotu strategy of pooling all of their money for a single bid stalled bidding on other items early on.

It also certainly didn’t make Ivanka happy to not have her jewelry sell like hotcakes, she made that clear during the boardroom scene. The nepotism thing stepped in there too, Trump got angry and it all started to head downhill for Joan. I got nervous. I would have far preferred to see Annie go home, but it wasn’t a choice and thank goodness for Joan that she’s a fighter. She went after Annie and Annie’s flip-flop about Brande. It didn’t make a difference tonight, Athena still wiped the floor with Kotu, but I think it planted a seed about Annie in Trump’s head. Hopefully that seed will grow into a beautiful flower quite quickly.

Luckily for Joan, Trump likes her, so he ended up firing Natalie for picking bad jewelry and not raising enough money. Okay, I like Joan, but Clint’s being a bad auctioneer, Natalie picking bad jewelry, and them not raising enough money was all on Joan as the project manager. Joan ought to have been fired, she managed her people badly and Trump was wrong for not getting rid of her. Not the first time that’s happened and it won’t be the last, but I’m pointing it out anyway.

Task two tonight was to create a “healthy” frozen meal for Schwan’s and a marketing campaign. Jesse James was running the show at Athena for it, but I would have loved to have seen Melissa in charge, she could have stuck it to Annie. Jesse was smart enough though to keep Melissa with him and to put Brande and Annie in the kitchen. He seemed to be hoping that the cooking that came from them wasn’t that good and cost them the task. He even went with the turkey meatball and gluten-free pasta that Annie wanted to make, giving her just enough rope with which to hang herself. Unfortunately, Jesse also went silent about his marketing campaign… which turned out to be non-existent and almost cost them the task.

Kotu, which had an impossible to make dessert, ended up going down again. Prior to that announcement though, Herschel, as PM, had made it clear it was his dessert and Clint had made it clear that he was against it from the start. Clint was also against Kotu’s making a chicken dish, something Herschel claimed in the boardroom never to have heard (FYI, Herschel heard it and said he was sticking with chicken anyway). Herschel was definitely the person who should have been fired for this task and this time Trump got it right.

Trump batted .500 tonight, I think I can accept that.

Bits and pieces:

  • Annie Duke on Annie Duke — “I’m like the total woman: I can cook, I raise my children, I work hard, and I give a good bleep-job.” Who said poker players don’t have class? I just hope her kids don’t watch this show.
  • Clint didn’t say goodbye to Herschel after Herschel got fired. Does that change your opinion of Clint?
  • Why did Trump keep hitting Jesse James for marrying Sandra Bullock? It was jealousy, right? Does Trump figure he can get Jesse to magically have her appear on the show?
  • Joan cried twice tonight in the boardroom — was that the actress in her or real?

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Posted by:Josh Lasser