Are Lisa Lampanelli and Lou Ferrigno the new Aubrey O’Day and Arsenio Hall of “The Celebrity Apprentice”? Based on Sunday’s (April 8) episode, it would seem so. But since Donald Trump fired Lou in the boardroom after his team’s loss, viewers probably won’t get to witness the pair making up on the show.

The teams are tasked with creating a commercial for coupon company with Teresa Giudice leading team Unanimous and Dayana Mendoza heading up team Forte. Both teams have the option of hiring actors for the commercials, but Unanimous mostly casts its own team members with Paul Teutul Sr. playing against type as a guy who actually wears sleeves and Aubrey O’Day as his daughter. Forte chooses two actors to portray a couple who fall in love with the aid of coupons. Lou’s not down with the casting choice, though, saying, “I’m an actor. I can play any type … I think you should use star power with our team.”

Since Aubrey and Arsenio supposedly made up, team Unanimous seems to be getting along swimmingly, though when Ivanka Trump comes by to check their progress, she notes that Aubrey tends to speak up when she should let her project manager Teresa do the talking. Later in the boardroom, Ivanka tells Aubrey, “You are very polarizing in a certain way.

On team Forte, Penn Jillette is away for another gig, so Lisa and Dayana are powering through the task, shuttling Lou and his suggestions out of the way. However, everything still seems to be fairly copacetic.

Once both teams make their way into the boardroom, though, the Hulk’s gloves come off about Lisa calling him a “f—ing loser” following Dee Snider’s firing.

“Lisa’s lucky not to be a man tonight, because I would throw her right through that wall,” he says before throwing his entire team under the bus by saying he thinks the other team’s commercial was better. “Nobody calls Lou Ferrigno a loser.”

“If you physically threaten me again, there’s going to be a problem,” Lisa says.

“I don’t fight with women,” he says. “If you were a man, you’d go straight through that wall.”

The back-and-forth between Lou and Lisa nearly overshadows the fact that Dayana actually did a bang-up job this week, though we do get to hear Lisa say, “This task was an eye-opener about Dayana. She was incredibly capable.”

After Trump announces Teresa’s team’s victory, Lisa tells Lou to get ready for an elevator ride, and Trump’s similar sentiments soon follow.

“There was a great disloyalty to your team,” Trump tells Lou before giving him his famous last words.

“Take it back. I don’t want to be fired,” Lou says.

“There’s nothing I can do,” Trump responds. And with that, another celebrity takes the elevator ride of shame.

Did Trump make the right decision? Should Penn really have been given a pass for having a gig?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper