celebrity apprentice john rich mark mcgrath meat loaf nbc 320 'The Celebrity Apprentice': Mark McGrath gets run over by a Busey

We’re sure that when Gary Busey walks back into the TV room after surviving Sunday’s (April 10) boardroom on “The Celebrity Apprentice,” the men’s team will have a collective stroke. Not only have they lost pop-rocker Mark McGrath, one of their best players, but now they still have who they perceive to be their worst player still around.
To quickly recap, the teams were asked to create an outside attraction using a glass box and its surroundings to market Australian Gold sunscreen products. The men did their usual risky take on the challenge by going with a pirate theme and the idea of found treasure. The women also went with their usual M.O. and translated the company’s marketing theme literally and in line with the company’s current advertising with several outdoors scenes, their Koala Bear mascot and bikini-clad girls in gold.
The company liked the men’s ingenuity, but didn’t feel their marketing message was used much in their display. So, the women took the challenge win and project leader, La Toya Jackson, won herself another week. By the way, La Toya may not be the most decisive leader, but she has proven herself to be quite the fighter.
In the final boardroom, it was down to Gary and project leader Mark. Gary had been purposely given tasks that would keep him out of the other guys’ way, but several spoken snafus to the executives didn’t sit well with them or his teammates. Yet, Mark sealed his fate when he said that if the team lost he would take all the responsibility. 
Later, when the men found out that they indeed lost, Mark’s story changed: He would take all the responsibility if the theme was the reason he lost. Regardless, the first rule of “Apprentice” is to never admit that you’re at fault especially if you’re the project manager. It’s a given that the first finger will be pointed at the leader, so it’s their job to get it pointing to someone else. 
Donald Trump won’t forget that you were so willing to give it all up and nine times out of ten, he’ll fire you regardless of how well you fight later in the boardroom.
Up until this point, the men have been doing themselves a disservice. They’ve been practically covering up for Gary’s flights of fancy by giving him busy work and not speaking to his faults until after they’re declared the losers. So, Trump pretty much got the full story all at once when they rallied to keep one of their best players from the chopping block. So, now he has a better idea of what Gary’s like on challenges. We predict that next week the men’s team won’t apply the same bro code to Gary again.
Did you agree with Mark leaving or do you think Trump fired the wrong guy?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog