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Someone had to do it. Why not NeNe Leakes? Dionne Warwick has been slowing down the women’s team for weeks now on “The Celebrity Apprentice” with her bad attitude and what Donald Trump referred to as having “a chip on her shoulder,” so it was about time she skedaddle.
In this week’s challenge, the teams had to create a presentation and commercial for ACN’s new video phones. While the executives stressed that the commercials had to create an emotional connection for viewers, the men’s team took their commercial in a new direction under the leadership of Lil John and scored its third win in a row.
Meanwhile, NeNe took the project manager position over for the challenge and she really did a great job. We’re proud of her, because so many viewers instantly believe that she would be abrasive and hard to work with. On the contrary, thus far NeNe has shown herself to be both a team player and this week she led with a quiet confidence that kept the team moving.
When the women’s team instantly latched on to the ACN executives’ emphasis on an emotional connection, NeNe had the good sense to change their concept from Dionne in a studio speaking via video phone with an engineer to Marlee Matlin playing a mother who could use sign language with her daughter who is studying abroad. It was a winning idea for what was presented to them, but the men’s offbeat commercial featuring Jose Canseco as a surprise gay fianc� resonated more with the audience.
Cracks in the women’s team after its third straight loss began to show. Star Jones, NeNe and Marlee are emerging as the leaders of the group. La Toya Jackson and Hope Dworazyk seem to be perennial followers with very limited skill sets. And Dionne seems to have a stubborn streak feeling her age and long career should hold some respect among the group and allow her to do as she pleases — even if that includes excusing herself from staying late with the team when she has decided her work is done. And that’s what really sent her home.
It’s one thing to call someone strong-minded and hard to work with. It’s another thing to have a concrete example to present the Trumps in the boardroom such as Dionne’s early departure from the task. To top that, she shot herself in the foot when Trump asked her whom he should fire and she volunteered herself. She really should have put up a fight.
Good riddance. We’re surprised the car service didn’t send a cargo van to fit Dionne’s huge ego. And here’s another pat on the back for NeNe who proved her critics wrong by keeping a level head when she was project manager.
Did you think it was time for Dionne to go? How would you rank NeNe’s turn as PM?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog