Annieduke_thecelebrityapprentice_s2_240 At some point during the past two weeks, the celebrities over on “The Celebrity Apprentice” seem to have finally decided that they know each other well enough to let the gloves come off. We’re now getting to see a lot more blatant fighting between them (and not just liquor-fueled rants). Sure, I may quibble with the show not finishing a task tonight, but at least the celebrities have started to play hardball.

We got one and a half tasks tonight and the first was to come up with packaging and a display for LifeLock. You know, those identity theft people where the crazy guy/CEO gives his social security number in the ads. I can’t believe that people haven’t tried to rip that guy off solely based on his claims that it can’t be done. It seems to me that the guy is just asking for it.

Natalie was in charge over at Kotu and actually was able to get Joan and Clint to work together, or at least not against each other. Joan definitely liked Natalie because, as Joan said, Natalie took a backseat to Joan’s desires.

Athena, led by Brian McKnight, seemed less well organized. They didn’t bother to talk to the people building their actual display until it was almost too late. Brian simply didn’t have good time management skills and the increasingly less and less popular Annie Duke wasn’t afraid to say as much. She thought they were good to go time-wise at first, but quickly became the chief clock-watcher, complaining about the team running out of time in umpteen different areas. She wasn’t wrong about the time crunch, but I have to imagine that the way she went about stating it caused her to be ignored. She has alienated just about every remaining celebrity with her attitude.

Brian’s team also ended up with serious e-mail problems. They weren’t able to send graphics from one location to another and ended up not getting their display ship-shape. The thing just didn’t look good, even with Jesse James having helped organize the production of the display (in his defense he was terribly sick). The LifeLock people not only weren’t that impressed with Athena’s display, but they also liked Kotu’s delivering four celebrity endorsements and handed the win to Kotu.

It was then that it got good tonight. Back in the suite, Joan divulged to her team that she’d had dinner with Annie the night before and Annie had said that if Athena lost, she’d be going after Brande in the boardroom. Joan then saw Annie attack Brian and not support Melissa. Joan was pissed, she announced that if Melissa went home and Brande stayed that she, Joan, would also leave.

I like Joan Rivers. I’ve always liked Joan Rivers (I used to watch her talk show everyday), but that wasn’t right. That was a horrible attitude to take, after all, this is just a game and she and Melissa can’t both win.

It was pretty obvious to me that of the folks brought back into the boardroom — Brian, Melissa, and Brande — it was Brian, the PM, who ought to go home, so Joan shouldn’t really have been so worried anyway. Even Brian knew he should go home, that he no longer had the desire to be on the show. So go home Brian did, ending the first task.

As much as I liked the notion behind that task — a classic “Apprentice”-type task — I hated the second one which required the contestants to hold a jewelry auction featuring Ivanka’s jewelry. Nepotism much?

At least the whole thing was made better by having Joan as project manager of Kotu and squaring off against Annie, who was leading Athena. Having a line of her own, Joan knew jewelry better, but Annie had that massive black book of gamblers with money to burn. If Kotu could somehow out-fundraise Annie and Athena, Annie would be going home.

Wisely, Kotu had not one but two backup strategies. First, they were planning on bidding high on cheap items, thereby maximizing their net profit. Definitely an interesting strategy and the sort of thing that could help eek out a victory. It was their second strategy — hit upon by Natalie — which was pure genius. Natalie realized that perchance there were poker players out there who didn’t like Annie as much as the celebs didn’t like Annie and who would happily go against her by bidding on Kotu jewelry.

As for Annie, the woman who had been, allegedly, ready to throw Brande under the bus earlier tonight, she spent the whole second task schmoozing with the former playmate. It put Melissa as the odd, and now angry, woman out. It also meant that Melissa couldn’t complain to anyone when Brande did things like only picking dresses for herself and none of the other models in the auction.

What happened during the auction itself? Goodness knows, we’re going to have to find out next week during the actual event. Oh yeah, and Piers Morgan will be there helping Trump judge. That was supposed to be some sort of massive surprise. I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t impressed, and I certainly didn’t like them ending a task in the middle, particularly when that task was focused on Ivanka’s jewelry. That had to have been done on purpose.

Questions, questions:

  • Was it necessary for us to hear Jesse James heave in a porta-potty?
  • Did Joan really say that Natalie being straight was unusual for a golfer?

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