Dennisrodman_thecelebrityapprentice_s2_240 We all saw the promos, NBC spent a lot of time pushing tonight’s episode of “The Celebrity Apprentice” as the one where Dennis Rodman has a meltdown. I was hoping for some massive fireworks. Did we get them? Not really, a few sparklers, but no fireworks.

The night started off with Dennis explaining to us that after last week’s firing there were now three teams — the women, the men, and Dennis. Clint Black, the other guy we saw in the promo, instantly got into it with Dennis, trying to explain to him that maybe, just maybe, Dennis ought to have had proof of his “eye problem.” Black wasn’t wrong, but picking a fight with Dennis Rodman just doesn’t seem like a good idea, not because of the fear that Dennis might mangle him, but because it has to be like talking to a brick wall.

From the start of this week’s task (which revolved around helping launch a videophone before sales reps), Dennis was separate from the rest of the group, as the men chose their PM, Brian McKnight, Dennis just sort of wandered around. Then, when the men and women had to negotiate for a timeslot to make their presentations, Dennis just sat off in the corner, he was invited over to join the guys but opted not to do so.

It fell to Clint Black and Annie Duke to talk to one another about who was going to present the videophone in which order. They both wanted to go second and so ended up flipping a coin. To me, that sounded like a perfectly fair way to go about it, the men won, and that was when Dennis had his little meltdown.

I watched the scene a couple of times, and I’m still not quite sure why Dennis lost it (in the boardroom later no one on the men’s side could say why Dennis flipped). All I know is that Dennis started yelling and cursing at Clint, he talked about how it was a “team game” (which Clint had kind of pointed out to Dennis the night before) and stormed off. I wish I could tell you more specifically why he flipped out and got in Clint’s face, but I can’t. There was no immediate cause for it. The men opted to not call him and invite him back.

However, as the men started to plan their product launch, they still failed to act like a team. Clint didn’t seem enthused with the leadership and clearly wanted to be allowed to sing either instead of or in addition to Brian McKnight, and McKnight was just not interested in going down that road.

As for Dennis, he did eventually show back up, hours later, explaining that Dennis doesn’t quit. I guess he just takes lots and lots of time off without telling anyone where he’s going, why he’s going, or what he plans on doing.

The women, led this week by Claudia Jordan, had a lot of great ideas, but absolutely no order to their plans. They wanted Joan to do their opening comedy bit, but Joan was off gallivanting again this week (she’d be back in time for the presentation). Claudia explained that without Joan her team was like the Patriots at the Super Bowl without Tom Brady — they didn’t have their leader. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t have the heart to tell Claudia that as the PM she was kind of the leader. The poor lady may not have understood what I was talking about.

Melissa ended up taking control of the women’s squad because she felt like producing events was her bread and butter. Claudia, correctly, figured that if Joan wasn’t a star Melissa never would have been one and that Melissa should just sit down and not hog the show. Melissa may have quieted, but she still produced the presentation.

Joan was definitely the highlight of the women’s lackluster presentation. The men, with their stars & stripes video and Brian McKnight’s song were much more enjoyable. And, I have to give credit to Clint Black, who didn’t seem enthused about the presentation behind the scenes, he gave it his all on stage even if he didn’t get to sing.

After watching the men, it shouldn’t be surprising that their team garnered more votes from the sales folks (about 85% preferred the men). In the boardroom, even before it was announced that the women lost, they started falling apart. And, not surprisingly, when Claudia went after Melissa, Joan (at her daughter’s request), came to Melissa’s aid. I know that Joan thinks that she’s helping her daughter by fending off anyone who might hurt Melissa, but she’s really not doing the girl any favors.

It was actually the men, sitting upstairs, who had the nub of the issue that Claudia wasn’t smart enough to come up with — if Melissa was so great at producing events why wasn’t she the project manager? Had Claudia said that she may not have gotten fired tonight. She didn’t bring it up, so she did go home.

Questions, questions:

  • Quite honestly, you tell me, you’re Brian McKnight, you have to make a split-second decision between taking Dennis Rodman’s help and spending more money than you probably should on equipment for the show. Would you have taken Dennis’s help? Would he have come through?
  • How did Joan get to bail again? She was gone for a day on last week’s task and she was gone for a day again on this week’s. I understand that the show wanted her name, but if she couldn’t commit the time should she have been on?

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Posted by:Josh Lasser