Dennisrodman_thecelebrityapprentice_s2_240 NBC heavily promoted this week’s “The Celebrity Apprentice” as the one where Dennis Rodman has a meltdown… again. It was really a lot sadder than that. This week really just boiled down to Dennis Rodman having a problem with alcohol.

Let’s set the stage, shall we? The teams were each given five rooms to manage at the Loews Regency Hotel. As you should know by now, that thrilled me — another non-black book task, one that actually required the candidates to do something. The women went with Tionne for their PM. She seemed terribly down to earth, she even put herself on housekeeping. The men went with (drum roll please)… Dennis Rodman! From that point you can pretty much guess what happened.

On the one hand, Rodman ought to have been the PM because if he did a good job it would show that he was semi-serious about being in the contest. Just as obviously, Rodman ought not to have done it because he’s been incapable of taking anything seriously or focusing on a task for more than 30 seconds.

Clint Black actually thought Rodman could handle it. Black’s saying that kind of worried me about where his brain was this week, but at least he gave Rodman the benefit of the doubt. And yes, Rodman looked capable early on, he did great things like getting the Carnegie Deli to provide welcome cookies, but then the drinking started.

I felt bad for Brian McKnight at that point, he tried to keep the train on the tracks, and Dennis kept trying to cause a derailment. He even gave Joan some of the Carnegie Deli cookies for the women’s team to use. Then he got a drink. He went to get the men’s first guest some champagne. Then he got a drink. The cookies — which were brought to the kitchen to be beautified — didn’t make it back upstairs for hours. Rodman was pretty “happy” at that point, but I’m less than convinced that his guests were.

In the end, Joan Rivers was fantastic (except for not giving people prices) as the concierge on the women’s side. There was nothing she couldn’t get done and she seemed to really enjoy doing it. Plus, more importantly, I enjoyed watching her — there’s nothing like watching Joan Rivers look into peep shows.

Rodman and the men’s team? They were a disorganized mess. Brian McKnight was overwhelmed and completely underwhelming as the concierge, but he started behind the eight ball. Herschel Walker not being able to figure out which order he was ferrying to which room? That was just plain incompetence and not Rodman related. As for Rodman’s bailing on the hotel to go get dinner with some guests… I’m not even sure what to do with that. It wasn’t a surprise though.

I applaud the show’s effort to try and make it look like the men might have won when we saw the guests filling out the comment cards, but come on, creative editing can only go so far. The men didn’t have a shot from the word “go” tonight and we all knew it (no clever lines there, Dennis wasn’t doing shots, he was having vodka cranberries). The guys definitely tried, but they started with fewer people and had Dennis, who, after getting back from dinner, took off before the task was finished. At that point though, Dennis leaving was probably the best thing for the team.

In the boardroom, Jesse James (still my personal favorite) was the first to say that Dennis had a drinking problem. It almost turned into an intervention and Dennis didn’t even deny having a problem, he just said that it wasn’t the drinking that caused the team’s issues.

Once the loss was officially announced, Trump didn’t even dismiss the women, he just fired Dennis Rodman. Even then Rodman didn’t admit that there was any sort of problem, he just felt like he was being persecuted again.

It makes you feel for him, it really does. I hope he gets whatever help he needs.

Bits and pieces:

  • Let me say again, good for Jesse James. Not only did he admit openly about his having had a drinking problem, but he was the guy who started the truth-telling with Dennis. He even did it in as non-judgmental a way as possible. How can you not think he’s great?
  • Did you notice that they threw up a card at the end of the episode suggesting folks with alcohol problems contact AA? Good for the show.
  • On a happier note, I have to admit, I thought it was funny that Stephen Baldwin and Vincent Pastore both showed up at the hotel tonight (they were both contestants last season). They didn’t make it easy for the teams, particularly Baldwin. At least they didn’t fill out comment cards.

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No poll tonight, but I do have a bonus bit of footage from the boardroom:

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