celeb apprentice 'The Celebrity Apprentice': The one where everyone leavesHere at Zap2it, we’re fond of a good WTF moment. Still, did we really need an entire “Celebrity Apprentice” episode full of them? When Rod Blagojevich went home last week, we figured things would get… well, a little less weird. That was not the case.

Trump dished out a healthy helping of hypocrisy tonight. Sharon Osbourne has been ill throughout the season, so she sat out for this challenge. Additionally, Cyndi Lauper had to go to Washington D.C. to meet with President Obama and congratulate him on passing the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Amendment.

Of course, these aren’t exactly dog-ate-my-homework excuses. Still, when Michael Johnson had to go home to take care of a personal matter pertaining to his son, Trump told him not to bother coming back. “People will be fired in between,” Trump said. “That’s not fair to the rest of the team.” Uh, people were fired in Sharon’s absence, too. On “America’s Next Top Model,” the girls have to compete whether they’re sick or not.

The challenge was to create two commercials — a 30-second spot and a 10-second spot — for Right Guard Total Defense deodorant. The women went for a spot targeted at kids who are experiencing their first “funk.” They brought Scottie Pippen in to play the “Funky Godfather” — complete with a jingle that Holly Robinson-Peete described as having a “blaxploitation” feel. We can’t get it out of our heads.

As part of the presentation, the women described their first hints of funk. Cyndi called in from the White House to describe her son’s time in the locker room and his first experience with “the big P.” Puberty, folks. She was talking about puberty. Unfortunately, none of the women were listening to a word she said. When she finished talking, there was radio silence. “Hello? Hello?” she squawked.

Finally, Summer heard her. “Good job, Cyndi! Bye!”

Meanwhile, the men’s team was struggling. Bret Michaels was distracted by a devastating phone call. His daughter was being tested for diabetes, which Bret has struggled with for most of his life. We were actually moved when Bret started to cry as he talked about her.

In the board room, the men won despite the fact that their commercial didn’t actually seem to make a whole lot of sense. They had a better target audience and they made the effort to make two separate ads instead of just editing their longer one to make their shorter one. It’s a good thing, too, because they definitely can’t afford to lose anyone else (and we don’t want to see Curtis leave)!

Up until now, the women have been relatively diplomatic with each other in the board room. Tensions are mounting, though! Maria’s claws came out in the board room tonight – she had an answer for every shot Holly took at her. We’re glad trump fired Selita for not being tough enough, because we can’t wait for Holly and Maria to go another round next week.

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