It’s a cast you can’t help but love: the

A-list of C-listers. In fact, some of these people actually had our respect at

one point. Of course, that’s all a distant memory when you watch The Celebrity

Apprentice Sundays on NBC. Joining The Donald in the boardroom are everyone

from Tom Green and Khloe Kardashian to Dennis Rodman and Scott Hamilton. In

addition, there are Andrew Dice Clay, Joan and Melissa Rivers, Clint Black, and

Jesse James. Throw in a case opener from Deal or No Deal (Claudia Jordan), a

Playboy Playmate (Brande Roderick) and a few other head scratchers, and this is

easily the most watchable thing from Trump since Ivanka.


Setting the scene:

You’ll need to turn your living room into

the boardroom, so get your hands on a massive conference table large enough to seat a majority of your

guests, and place the flat-screen TV at the head of the table

for easy viewing. Add dark wood paneling and a huge framed portrait of the man

himself, and get ready for Trump overload. Fill the room with Trump

paraphernalia such as Trump chocolate bars, Trump pens, Trump gold flags, Trump

teddy bears and Trump travel mugs, all from the Trump Store. Make sure everyone gets an official You’re Fired! mug to sip from during

the party, with You’re Fired! hats and T-shirts as party favors.



Encourage guests to arrive in either

business attire or as their favorite celebrity apprentice. That’s means a

wedding dress for Rodman fans, a black cowboy hat for Black fans, ice skates for Hamilton

fans, a metal briefcase for Jordan fans (you know who you

are), and a football helmet for Herschel Walker fans.


On the menu:

Serve meat fit for a king. Yes, Trump even

has his hands in the food industry. Not surprisingly, he has his name on “the

world’s greatest steaks.” From porterhouses and New York

strips to Delmonicos and rib-eyes, chances are these steaks are a lot easier to

swallow than The Donald.


On the hi-fi:

This season, The Celebrity Apprentice is

blessed with three stars from the music industry (four if Donald Jr. ever

releases that rap CD we’re hoping for), so during commercials play tracks from

Black’s Greatest Hits, T-Boz’s TLC offering CrazySexyCool and Brian McKnight’s Back at One.


The showstopper:

You’ll need limousines to pick up all your

guests, so hire a car service and five or six stretch limos. can

connect you to car providers in your area. Once they arrive, have them park end

to end in front of your house for the duration of the party.

Posted by:Michael Korb