the challenge jonna interview 'The Challenge: Free Agents': Jonna opens up about her elimination and Isaac Jonna beat the Wrecking Wall earlier this season on “The Challenge: Free Agents,” but the second time wasn’t the charm for this vet. Aneesa beat Jonna during the elimination challenge, sending Jonna home.

Zap2it got Jonna on the phone to discuss her elimination, her relationship with Isaac (that wasn’t shown on air at all) and if she has any regrets about how she played this season. Check out the full Q&A below:

Zap2it: I was so sad to see you go on “Free Agents” last week!
Jonna: I know! I was so upset. It’s just been so crazy this season. The setup that they did this time is completely different than anything they’ve ever done. That day that I drew the kill card, went into elimination and got sent home, I literally had no idea I was leaving all day long. Usually you can prepare yourself and get into the elimination mode but not this time. It sucks!

Every time I talk with an eliminated player, that seems to be the popular opinion, that you can’t mentally prepare yourself properly when it comes to the draw.
Yeah, you don’t have any warning whatsoever. It’s hard. Being on “Challenges” prior to this, I never was really into all the politics. This time around I was just planning on laying low, not pissing anyone off, not doing anything wrong and that had no effect! It was just so ridiculous. There was no way to control your fate at all. It was up to chance, every single time.

Do you think that changed the way people played this season because you can’t rely on politics?
Yeah, because they took out the politics entirely. Before, people would be making secret deals, going behind people’s backs, and I was never really involved with that. That kind of leveled the playing field with everyone.

What was going through your mind when you drew the kill card in the draw?
Since it wasn’t my first time in the draw, I was pretty calm. The first time I was really nervous. So I was keeping my nerves calm and staying focused. I honestly didn’t think that I would be picking that card. And then I saw that it was the Wrecking Wall challenge, and I had done that one already so I thought even if I did have to go in, I would for sure win. But yeah, I didn’t win. [laughs]

So what was different this time around that you didn’t win, after beating Emilee in the same elimination earlier this season?
This time around, I think I was overconfident. I was too calm, because I was like, “I’ve got this. I’ve already done it.” I didn’t expect Aneesa to beat me. But she did!

I’m always really surprised by how much footage doesn’t make it to air on the show, but I was completely taken aback when watching the after show last week and seeing a segment on your secret romance with Isaac! I had no idea that was going on all season!
[laughs] Oh god. Yeah! No one really knew what was going on.

So how did that relationship come about?
I think Isaac is one of my favorite people in the entire universe. He is amazing. And honestly, when you’re in the house, you’re so bored. There’s literally nothing to do besides go into each other’s rooms and hang out. And I was drawn to Isaac. He’s a really good person and when you’re in a house full of negative people, and everyone’s competing in the same game, it’s nice to have someone there who is positive. I would walk into other peoples’ rooms and they were talking s*** about other people, and with Isaac, we could just hang out and it wasn’t negative ever.

Have you guys kept up your relationship since leaving the show?
Ummm yeah? I guess. Maybe. Here and there, every time an episode is on or something like that we’ll text each other. It’s not really quite a huge romance or not-so-secret or anything that major [laughs].

Looking back on this season as a whole, how did you like the format of “Free Agents” compared to previous seasons?
Ooh, that’s a hard question. That’s really hard. I would say maybe this season? If you take away the part that you never really know if you’re going into the elimination, then it would be awesome [laughs]. I think my favorite is really “Battle of the Seasons” because I was with three other people from “The Real World: Cancun” cast. These people have seen me at my drunken worst and my absolute best, so I know they had my back. They wouldn’t try to use inside information and go behind my back and play against me, because we were all on the same team.

What was your favorite part about this season?
On previous seasons, a lot of people talked some big talk and then didn’t stay true to their word. But I like how on “Free Agents,” you had to back it up. You couldn’t talk your way out of things, and I think that showed everyone’s true character. “Free Agents” made everyone be accountable for themselves.

That’s true, although backing up his word ended up royally screwing over Jordan.
[laughs] Yeah. He couldn’t back down on his word. And honestly I respect Jordan for sticking to his word more than anything, even though it does suck because he kind of threw away his chance at the money. It looks worse than what it was. Don’t get me wrong, though, Johnny Bananas and Jordan really really hated each other. It was funny to me but it was hardcore for them.

Are we going to see you on future seasons of “The Challenge?”
I certainly hope so! If you has asked me at the end of filming, I would have said no because once again I didn’t make it to the finals and honestly, that’s my only goal. But now, if I was asked, I would say yes.

“The Challenge: Free Agents” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.
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