the challenge swift interview 'The Challenge: Free Agents': Swift dishes on going against Jordan in the elimination Despite getting voted in to the elimination round on “The Challenge: Free Agents” last week, Swift was in high spirits.

“I wasn’t really surprised when Zach voted me in. And to be honest, I was really excited to go in,” Swift tells Zap2it. “It finally gave me the opportunity to prove myself. Nobody really wants to go into elimination but I wasn’t really terrified. I was confident. You voted me in? Okay, let’s do this. I can prove myself.”

Unfortunately for Swift, things didn’t exactly go his way during the elimination, and he was sent home. Zap2it got Swift on the line to discuss what happened during his elimination, why he was psyched to go against Jordan and whether or not he’ll be back next season.

Zap2it: You weren’t too bothered about getting voted in to the elimination. Why is that?
Swift: Here’s the thing: When you’re going into the draw, you’ve got to start prepping and telling yourself, “I’m going in.” For me, anytime I was in the draw, I figured I was going in so I focused, I was dancing, I was amping myself up, jogging, getting warmed up. If you don’t, you’re going into it cold. I took that extra precaution, so it didn’t matter if I was voted in or was going into the draw, I was still equally mentally and physically prepared. I feel like a lot of people who drew the kill card, they weren’t expecting to go in and they weren’t ready for it.

While you were voted in, Jordan drew the kill card. How did you feel knowing that you’d be going against him in the elimination?
Jordan was the only person that I wasn’t a big fan of in the house. For the most part, I liked everyone else. So I wanted it to be Jordan. I wanted to beat him and kick him out. He knows and I know that I’m stronger than him so I was like, “Yes! This is exactly who I wanted it to be!” So going into it, I was excited to prove myself in my first elimination and well as taking out the one person I didn’t like in the house. I just hated the way he treated people in the house, he talked down to everyone and was so condescending.

When you saw it was the tug-of-war challenge that Nia and Cara Maria struggled with for an hour and a half, did that make you any less excited?
Something that you should know is that this tug-of-war was a little different which is why it ended the way it did. Last time there wasn’t a rope at the end to help that you could pull on. The reason why they added a rope to this most recent elimination is because Nia and Cara Maria sat there for so long. That rope significantly changes the game. That being said, I just thought as long as I could get to the rope, it’s over. I have the upper body strength to just leave Jordan in the dust. But unfortunately I didn’t reach the rope, and that’s why it ended the way it did.

Looking back on your time on “Free Agents,” what was your favorite part about this season?
My favorite part about the whole season is actually getting to compete in the challenges. How many people can say they got to walk across a beam a hundred stories in the air or swing rope to rope above the water, it’s awesome. Sometimes when you’re there in the moment, you don’t appreciate it. But when you get home, you realize how cool it was.

So are we going to see you again in future seasons of “The Challenge?”
If my schedule permits it, you sure will! I look forward to doing it and I’ve got to make up for how I went out. When I heard the buzzer sound, I was just like, “Really?! That fast?! Really?!” I can’t let viewers see the last of me like that.

“The Challenge: Free Agents” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum