If something goes wrong with your Thanksgiving preparations, take heart: The hosts of “The Chew” have been there.

Daphne Oz tells Zap2it about a true Turkey Day disaster that befell her family in the video at the top of the post. She says one year as she, her mom and her grandmother were preparing the family meal, “we set the entire kitchen ablaze with a burned turkey that we completely forgot in the oven — literally, smoke everywhere. … It was a charred carcass.”

That year, she adds, was the first time she tried tofurkey — “and it was really good.”

Co-host Carla Hall‘s favorite Thanksgiving memory is a little different, in that involves surreptitiously returning the once-used china she and a roommate served dinner on when they were young.

As for this Thanksgiving, Hall says she’s eager to try a version of fellow “Chew” chef Mario Batali‘s pumpkin with Fontina fonduta, and Oz is a fan of Hall’s suggestion to cut a turkey into pieces before roasting it. They also talk about feeling more at ease with each other on camera.

“We’re settling in and getting a lot more comfortable,” Hall says. “And we’ve always liked each other. … I think everybody loves coming to work.”

Oz concurs: “I’ve actually gotten to the point now where I don’t feel like we’re coming to work. It’s just playtime.”

— Reporting by Christy Smith-Sloman
Posted by:Rick Porter