bubble shows fox 'The Chicago Code,' 'Lie to Me,' 'Bob's Burgers': Keep 'em or kill 'em? [Updated]UPDATE 4/7: FOX has picked up a second season of “Bob’s Burgers,” despite a large majority of “Kill it” votes from Zap2it readers. With the pickup, we’ve closed voting in that poll, but you can still vote on the other FOX bubble shows.

Bubble Watch 2011 continues with FOX, whose bubble may be smaller than other networks’ because of what we know is coming in the fall.

The network will debut the U.S. version of “The X Factor” in the fall, and if it has the same sort of footprint that “American Idol” does in the spring, it will displace as much as three hours’ worth of other programming. Considering FOX only programs 15 hours of primetime each week, that’s pretty significant.

So shows like, say, “Lie to Me” or “The Chicago Code” that may have gotten the benefit of the doubt in another year could be in somewhat more precarious positions this time. And with the lower-rated “Fringe” already having locked up a spot for 2011-12, it’s going to be tight.

Here are five shows we think are on the bubble. Let us know whether you want FOX to keep or cut them, and sound off in the comments.

“Bob’s Burgers”

The case for it: It has fit in pretty well with the rest of FOX’s Sunday animation lineup, holding on to a respectable amount of its lead-in from “The Simpsons.”

The case against it: That retention hasn’t been as strong as “The Cleveland Show” had earlier in the season.

“The Chicago Code”

The case for it: The well-reviewed drama has provided an upgrade at 9 o’clock on Mondays since its February debut and has been a fairly steady performer in a tough time period.

The case against it: The bar for improvement wasn’t super-high, and its adults 18-49 rating (2.4) isn’t that impressive.

“Human Target”

The case for it: Despite inconsistent scheduling — several weeks off here, double runs there — fans still found the show this season, where it averaged 7.6 million viewers.

The case against it: Is that the ceiling for the show?

“Lie to Me”

The case for it: It’s been a good utility player for the network, filling holes in the schedule and drawing a fairly consistent audience wherever it’s aired.

The case against it: Of the three dramas on this list, it draws the smallest total audience (6.7 million). It and “Human Target” both score a 2.2 among adults 18-49.

“Traffic Light”

The case for it: Tenuous. Even with an “American Idol” lead-in a couple weeks back, it failed to entice much of that show’s audience to stick around.

The case against it: All in the numbers: It’s averaging only 4 million viewers and a 1.6 rating among adults 18-49, lower than the already canceled “Running Wilde.”

Posted by:Rick Porter