Tonight’s cuppa: Peppermint tea (to mellow down after the “Super Bowl,” “Puppy Bowl” and the “twar”)

TheChicagoWay_Titles_029_R1_1.jpgA few days ago, Twitter users started to notice that something odd was going between show-runners Shawn Ryan (a k a @ShawnRyanTV) and Jeff Eastin (a k a @JeffEastin). The creator of FX’s “The Shield” and Fox’s upcoming “The Chicago Code” appeared to have gotten in a dispute with the creator of USA Network’s ongoing drama “White Collar.

The accusations and recriminations flew fast and hard across their Twitterstreams. It appeared a Twitter war — or “twar” — had broken out.

From Ryan:

Not sure why @jeffeastin doesn’t support the troops, but I stand by our military men/ women 100%. If you too help me win this Twitter war.

BTW, I don’t hold @jeffeastin‘s constant partying with Charlie Sheen against him. If Jeff canWhite_Collar.jpg live that lifestyle and run WC God bless him.

From Eastin:

I have to wake up to this kind of abuse from the guy who killed Lem? I’m cooler than @ShawnRyanTV based on twitter icons alone

@ShawnRyanTV #ChicagoCode scripts are bound in orphan skin.

It all came to a head on Feb. 6, Super Bowl Sunday, beginning with this ominous tweet from Ryan …

I am about to take the Twitter War with @jeffeastin to a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL.

Then Ryan started posting pictures of himself, captioned with taunts, in the offices of his rival’s TV show, holding copies of Sunday’s Los Angeles Times to prove the date. Click here to see all of them, but here’s a sampling …

Shawn_Ryan_White_Collar_Lobby 2-6-2011 2-21-48 PM.jpgHanging out today in the White Collar writers lobby. Kind of quiet.

Thumbnail image for Shawn_Ryan_White_Collar_Office 2-6-2011 2-25-11 PM.jpgKicking it at @‘s personal desk. Comfy.

Shawn_Ryan_White_Collar_Note 2-6-2011 2-25-39 PM.jpgThe note I left on @‘s desk.

Eastin replied…

You win this round, @ShawnRyanTV. But revenge is sweet. Very sweet.

Tonight — after the Super Bowl was over, of course — I shot a few email questions to Ryan to find out how this all came to be (questions in blue and boldface; answers in italics).

did the twar begin? Who threw the first tweet?

started when I saw that Jeff had tweeted something very nice about “The Chicago
Code” ads and how he was looking forward to seeing the show. I tweeted back,
then I noticed that we were both within a hundred followers of each other.
I casually threw out a joke that we should have a fake Twitter war to see who
could end up with the most followers. Jeff quickly jumped on that and suggested
we race to 15,000 followers with a donation to favorite charity on the line.
Can’t remember who took the first shot, but we were pretty close.

you inspired by any of the great show-runner/actor twars of the past — such as this one, involving @HartHanson of “Bones,” @DanHarmon of “Community” and @AzizAnsari of “Parks and Recreation” — or did this spring from sheer

was slightly aware of those, but this just blew up from our own imaginations
and free time, I think.

may be the first show-runner twar to be taken into the physical realm – as
evidenced by today’s Twitpic proof that you invaded the “White Collar” offices.
Do you fear repercussion?

sure Jeff and his staff will try very hard to wreak revenge. I expect it.
Wouldn’t say I fear it. Since my show’s out of production now, hopefully
it’ll be hard to track me down and get me back

you share any secrets about how you achieved this covert insertion?

did my research. Found Jeff’s weak spots, exploited them. I did do a Special
Forces show (“The Unit”) for four years. This was a relatively easy operation

you believe @JeffEastin ‘s assertion that half his staff was out with the flu
last week?

He was looking to save any kind of face he could. I don’t blame him. He got
owned in front of a Super Bowl crowd. Best part was they have a “Shield” box set sitting on a table in their writers’ room. Made me feel good

does it all end?

in anger and recrimination. Just kidding. Hopefully it ends with me getting to
15,000 followers first and a nice little donation to Autism Speaks. I’m sure
it’s not over and Jeff and his writers will come up with something imaginative

you done editing “The Chicago Code” or what? You do seem to have some free time
… 😉

done editing. We’re still mixing and doing music choices

BTW, don’t forget that “The Chicago Code” premieres tomorrow night, Monday, Feb. 7, on Fox — click here to see my syndicated feature — and “White Collar” airs Tuesdays on USA. And keep your eyes on this space for a visit to the “Chicago Code” edit bay to watch Ryan at work.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare