Chadphillips_thechoppingblock_240 If “The Chopping Block” is going to work as a show it seems like they need to do some things slightly differently. I’m only talking about pretty easy stuff here, stuff like actually explaining to the audience what’s going on. Oh, and quitters, the show needs to not have a bunch of quitters for contestants, that would help too.

We got a terribly odd challenge for the teams this week — they all showed up to their restaurants to find one corner of the place painted white, they had to decorate that one corner and set one in it. The trick, I thought, was that the corner kind of had to work with the rest of the place too, otherwise it would stick out like a sore thumb.

Apparently that wasn’t the case. You see, the producers didn’t bother to tell us that the entire restaurant was going to end up repainted to mimic the one corner after the challenge. That’s the kind of thing that makes a difference to me as a viewer.

The Red team made their place look really nice. They went with a red motif and it really popped. Even Marco liked it… except for the table that was severely unbalanced and wrinkled table cloth on said table. But, as with last week, Black managed to one-up Red in the mistake department.

For some inexplicable reason, the Black team went without water glasses on their table. Angie pointed it out to the team before Marco showed, but they didn’t want to hear it from her. Poor Black, they gave a terrible explanation of their thought process to Marco (and Angie) — they wanted to keep the look simple to highlight the food. You remember their food from last week, right? It was raw. Not really the sort of thing you want to highlight.

Red (who went with the name Crimson for their place) won the challenge, but they also had some serious issues. Michael & Panya both felt as though people on their team were trying to sabotage them. Panya may have been right about others claiming credit for her work, but Michael, who was upset about people plating salad early during service, seemed paranoid. His idea was that the salads were plated early in order to make him look bad in his role as head chef. When Lisa then plated some not terribly hot chicken, Michael again felt as though she was messing with him on purpose.

I’m all for watching your back on reality shows, but that man is paranoid. Paranoid. I’d bet on incompetence or apathy on Lisa’s part before I’d go with sabotage. Wouldn’t you?

In the end, Crimson should have had a huge advantage tonight, Mikey spotted the “secret” food critic as he entered the restaurant That advantage failed to materialize.

Nicole Miller (whom they were hosting a party for) had ordered the restaurant not to serve Chilean sea bass which they’d already purchased. Crimson was short on their other two entrees, halibut and baby chicken. By the time the food critic arrived they were out of the halibut and Nicole Miller was soon in the kitchen. She again told them not to serve Chilean sea bass even though Mikey had just told the food critic they had it. The kitchen went with old salmon instead and they apparently didn’t tell the critic they were doing that until it arrived. That’s just not how you go about winning, is it?

Truthfully, after hearing the critic talk to the teams I would have served him something slightly more off-putting than the salmon. The critic apparently had a better time at Crimson, he found the whole experience there far more enjoyable. And, until he pored over his notes, he liked Crimson better. That is to say that thinking about the meal he liked Crimson, thinking about the service he liked Crimson, but apparently his notes disagreed. Perhaps he was writing them in Tom Riddle’s notebook and they got all changed around on him because his notes liked Soul better. He went with his notes, making Soul the winner for the week.

During the elimination, Michael went after Lisa, Lisa went after Chad, Panya went after Chad & Mikey, and the others went after Panya & Michael. Marco went after Chad because Chad referred to himself as a “backup” in the kitchen. Chad agreed with Marco’s assessment of his work and pretty much volunteered to go home.

Quitters. That’s right, the show has apparently gotten us a bunch of quitters as contestants. Two weeks in a row now Marco hasn’t had to really sort it out, people have just volunteered to disappear. That’s not quite what you shoot for when you cast a reality show, is it?

I ask you now, what is going on with these people?

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Posted by:Josh Lasser