Port_Olin.jpgShe is the kid of “thirtysomething” actors Ken Olin and Patricia Wettig — who are now both on “Brothers & Sisters” — and the high school friend of Whitney Port of “The Hills” and “The City” fame.

Having appeared on “B&S” and briefly on “The Hills” beside Stephanie Pratt, Roxy Olin is ready for her star turn.

Joining the second season of “The City” — which debuts tonight — as a series regular, Olin talked with us about what we can expect. There will be boys, major blow outs, vacations to Miami and The Hamptons. And she will, in the beginning at least, play the role of the back stabber…

So, you’re possibly standing right on the precipice of fame. Are you excited for the show to premiere and to have it all out there.
RO: I’m excited, but I’m really nervous. There’s just so much anticipation.

Are you nervous about what people’s reaction will be to you?
Yeah, I’m okay with the reaction [not being favorable]. I’m not going to be loved at first.

Will the audience’s perception of you change as the season goes on?
Yeah, definitely. I think that’s sort of the difference between me and, say, [cast member] Olivia [Palermo]. Whitney and I really are best friends, so you’ll see our issues at first and you’ll definitely see more drama in the work room, but as the show goes on you’ll also see my loyalty to her. But in the beginning, it just seems like I’m sort of a bitch.

Yeah, the trailer that MTV put out made you look not so nice.
Oh God.

But you two are close in real life.
Yeah, and I think that’s part of [the storyline], it’s like, can you trust her? And I think in the long run, you’ll see that you can, but it’s hard to tell at first. You know, Olivia is someone who I think you don’t question, it’s like, oh, that’s the bitch. But with me, though they don’t show all the fun that Whitney and I have at first, it’ll come out through all our fights that the resolution [between us] is always positive. We always end up being closer than the last time that we fought.

So, Olivia will still be the villain of the show then?
Yeah. Oh, yeah.

Do you interact with Olivia much?
No, not really. Due to her new job and stuff, we’re in different worlds. But we’ll have a few run-ins. Nothing too bad.

What about with Kelly Cutrone? You’re working for her and the relationship there doesn’t seem too peachy either.
Well, yeah, she’s crazy. You know, she’s hard core. But I adore her. We’re very much alike, so we definitely butt heads a lot. We both are extremely opinionated. She’s definitely not afraid to tell you how she feels and it’s not usually positive. But I’ve learned so much from working for her and I really look up to her. I think she’s so respectable. She has a daughter  and she has two shows now and she works for People’s Rev and she’s the boss. So even though she can be kind of bitchy, she’s amazing.

And how about the rest of last season’s cast? Erin and Adam and Jay, are they all off the show now?
Yeah. You’ll see a little of Jay, but not very much.

So, being from L.A., how did you end up in New York and end up doing the show?
Well, I lived in New York for a year a couple years ago. But I had to come back to L.A. for [acting] work. I’d wanted to go back to New York for a while, so when I was offered the position on “The City” and [the chance] to work in fashion — which is my other passion in life, I love it — it was just kismet the way it went down.

Are you still acting?
Yeah, I’m working on “Brothers & Sisters” at the same time.

Oh, cool, when are we going to see you back?
The third or fourth episode.

And you were playing Jason Lewis’ sort of beard when you were on a couple seasons back, right?
Yes, but I was Scotty’s friend as well. I come back as Scotty’s friend and there’s a whole drama that happens. It’s good. I can’t say anything obviously, but it’s really good.

Check out Roxy on “The City,” beginning Tuesday, Sept. 29 at 10:30 p.m. ET, right after “The Hills.”

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‘The City’: Whitney Port returns, see what MTV’s got planned

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