kelly cutrone hates olivia 'The City's' Kelly Cutrone on Olivia Palermo: 'She's dead'Whitney Port may be the leading lady of “The City,” but she’s not exactly known for having a backbone. It takes a lot for her to get upset on her own behalf, but it looks like Olivia Palermo has found her breaking point.

“She’s such a little b****,” Whitney sighs after realizing the truth about Olivia’s refusal to support her clothing line, Whitney Eve. In the May 4 episode, Whitney was led to believe that Olivia had nominated her for a feature on, when it was actually Olivia’s co-worker, Erin Kaplan.

“She went to the editor preview and she brought your lookbook back,” Erin says, “She didn’t say favorable things about it.”

Kelly Cutrone is even more furious than Whitney is. “Who gives a f*** about her f***ing opinion?” she rages. “I really — f***, who gives a f***? No, she’s dead! She is f***ing dead! I’m gonna f***ing come up like a shark underneath a glass-bottomed boat and f***ing whip the s*** out of her.”

That’s a whole lot of asterisks. We especially love the shocked looks of onlookers in the clip below, though the best look of bewilderment (and maybe a little bit of delight) is definitely on Erin’s face.

When Zap2it spoke with Erin, she was careful to choose her words wisely when describing her time working with Olivia. “She is who she is,” Erin says. “My focus is on my career.” Though Erin says that blogs aren’t always favorable toward her, she does get an outpouring of support — and, no doubt, sympathy — from viewers who watch her struggle with Olivia.

“People write in on and send me these really nice emails about it; it’s amazing,” she says. Emails usually go over better than when viewers approach her in public. “It’s always kind of awkward,” she laughs, but she says it’s not the fans’ fault. “I’m really not the most… well, it’s strange for me. I’m not very good at making other people feel comfortable when we’re talking. So it’s strange, but it’s fun.”

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