kelly cutrone awesomeness 'The City's' Kelly Cutrone rocks out for Whitney Port's inner b****If we hadn’t been madly in love with “The City” and “Kell on Earth” PR guru Kelly Cutrone before today — which we were — this video would definitely seal the deal. As we’ve seen from preview clips, Whitney Port‘s claws come out in tonight’s (May 11) episode of “The City.”

Though Whitney’s usually a gentle soul, Olivia Palermo crosses the line when she causes some commotion with Whit’s promotion. Whitney isn’t having it. Finally.

We’re not the only ones completely delighted by this turn of events. Cutrone, along with her employees, sidekicks, and “Kell on Earth” co-stars Andrew Mukamal and Stefanie Skinner, decided to throw some support Whitney’s way. In the video below, they all sing along to ’90s classic “Bitch” by Meredith Brooks.

“Say it,” Kelly says. “I want my f***ing…”

“MTV!” Skinner and Mukamal chime in.

“Tonight we are on Team Whitney, who finally shows her inner b****!” Cutrone adds.

Kelly, if you’re reading this, you are our hero. We want you to be our best friend, our mentor, our style guru, our ally, and our mom. Stop by the Zap2it offices any time and we’ll worship you accordingly.

Check out the video below. Of course, since it’s Cutrone we’re talking about — the video contains some coarse language and isn’t appropriate for all ages. But you already knew that.

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Photo credit: Kelly Cutrone

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie