louise roe upfronts getty 'The City's' Louise Roe talks Olivia Palermo and her upcoming CW reality show 'Plain Jane'At the end of last week’s June 15 episode of “The City,” it seemed that Erin Kaplan‘s new Elle.com hire, Louise Roe, was getting along with Olivia Palermo just fine. We’re thinking that’s not what Erin had in mind when she brought Louise on board.

Of course, Olivia got along fine with Whitney Port in the beginning as well, and we all know how that ended. So will Louise and Olivia continue to work together peacefully?

“That’s where I say you’ll just have to watch and find out,” Louise Roe tells Zap2it, choosing her words very carefully. “Here’s what I will say. Olivia has always been nothing but polite and pleasant to my face.”

Of course, Olivia is a hot topic for every cast member on the show – everyone from Whitney to Erin has clashed with her. “I mean, she’s got the most incredible style. That’s me answering your
question like a politician. That’s all I’m allowed to say! I’m sorry,” Louise  laughs. “The production and the crew, they’re awesome people.
Whitney’s lovely.”

Roe, who can be found on the web and on twitter as @LouiseRoe, is a familiar face in the U.K., having appeared on shows such as “What Not To Wear” and “Britain’s Next Top Model,” but now she’s moved across the pond long-term. “It happened very organically,” she says of her appearances on “The City.” “I’m working for Elle now, and I was happy because they wanted to film me working, doing my job, as opposed to me in my house or going on dates and things.”

“The City” isn’t Louise’s only venture in the the world of Roe is currently filming her new makeover reality show, “Plain Jane,” which premieres on The CW on July 28. On the show, she’ll help awkward, shy girls prepare for dates — using her knowledge of fashion, hair and makeup, and of course, boys and flirting, to boost their confidence.

“It’s a very positive show, and there’s a lot of humor in it, which I wanted there to be,” Roe says. “Fashion’s important, but it’s not brain surgery, so you’ve got to have a laugh with it. If we can make people smile through getting them the guy and a nice pair of shoes, then I’m happy.”

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie