bubble cleveland show 'The Cleveland Show' and 'Touch' on the bubble at FOX: Keep 'em or kill 'em?The list of shows on the bubble at FOX this spring is pretty small, thanks in part to the network’s early pickup of “Raising Hope” and “The Mindy Project” for next season.

But there are still a couple shows whose fates are undetermined — including one of the animated comedies from the Seth MacFarlane factory. With “The X Factor” and “American Idol” continuing to eat up a lot of real estate and most of the rest of FOX’s shows already renewed, it could be tough sledding for these two.

As with Zap2it‘s previous Bubble Watch polls, voting will be open through April 7 — or until a definitive renewal or cancellation announcement comes from the network. Let’s get to voting:

“The Cleveland Show”

The case for it: Fans seem to find the show no matter where FOX parks it in the Sunday animation lineup. Its numbers have been pretty consistent both before and after “The Simpsons” this season.

The case against it: It’s the lowest-rated of any of the Sunday shows, trailing “Bob’s Burgers” by about a million viewers and half a point among adults 18-49. FOX doesn’t have any episodes in the can beyond this season, so even if it were renewed it likely wouldn’t return until early 2014.


The case for it: There isn’t much of one, beyond FOX wanting to stay in business with Kiefer Sutherland. And because, you know, we’re all connected one way or another.

The case against it: It’s the lowest-rated regular series on the network this season among adults 18-49, and near the bottom of FOX’s rankings in viewers. Even with the lowered expectations a Friday timeslot brings, it’s not doing well.