client list riley evan 'The Client List': Riley learns Kyle's secret but it's not what she thoughtThis week on “The Client List,” it’s mostly home drama with some spicy girls night out from work thrown in.

When Riley finds a number for “Max” in Kyle’s jacket, it turns out Max is a pretty blonde woman with a little boy – who looks just like Kyle. Max is also driving Kyle’s old car that he told Riley he sold over in Galveston.

But it turns out that Kyle met Max in Narcotics Anonymous and they weren’t sleeping together. He was addicted to painkillers after his accident at work. That could certainly help explain their money problems too, if he was buying drugs with what little money they did have.

In light of that revelation, Riley decides she has to move on – she even deletes Kyle’s Texas football games off the DVR as a way to start the healing process. Such a metaphor.

Meanwhile, Evan and Riley continue to grow closer. How can she not see the giant torch he’s carrying for her? The only thing he hasn’t done is blurt out, “I’m madly in love with you.”

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • The bar scene was fun. We kind of rolled our eyes at the “Before He Cheats” song choice, but then we decided that actually is perfect for a bunch of drunk girls at a bar. It was also a nice touch that they didn’t sound perfect or produced. It sounded like a real night out at a karaoke bar, which is a great touch.
  • There weren’t as many great lines this week, but Linette didn’t disappoint – “If God meant for women to be single, he would’ve taught us all how to use a hammer.”
  • The Client of the Week was kind of a snoozer, but we guess they can’t all be sweet married reconciling with his wife like in the premiere. At least next week’s Client of the Week looks to be pretty interesting.

What did you think, “Client List” fans?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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