jennifer love hewitt the client last gallery 2 325 'The Client List' Season 2: Jennifer Love Hewitt promises 'a lot of twists and turns'Jennifer Love Hewitt reasons that since her character in “The Client List” is still a work in progress, so is the show.

After the high-rated movie she made for Lifetime in 2010, she reinvented the role — as both actress and executive producer — for the network’s series version, which starts its second season Sunday (March 10). Her Riley Parks is still adjusting to being a deserted single parent and a massage therapist who’s expected to provide “extra services” to her clientele, an aspect of the job she resists morally.

“Her husband (played by Brian Hallisay) has sort of returned, which changes things for her drastically,” the friendly Hewitt tells Zap2it of the point where the series resumes. “She’s sort of figuring out where he was, why he’s back and how long he plans on staying … and what that means for her relationship with Evan (the husband’s brother, portrayed by Colin Egglesfield).

“And we’re obviously back in the massage room with Riley and her clientele,” adds Hewitt. ‘This year, her clients play even more integral parts in the story lines. They’re not just guys who are there for massages; a lot of them have bigger arcs in her outside life. And she’s still trying to take care of two kids and raise them well … so it’s busy!”

Still, Riley continues to make a place in her life for Evan, and Hewitt reports they “definitely mix it up a bunch. It’ll be interesting to see how the audience takes it. He’s been there for her and her family, but she’s also still married. And married to his brother, which obviously makes things pretty complicated. There are a lot of twists and turns.”

Relieved that protests from real-life masseuses about their profession’s depiction have gone down considerably since the premiere of “The Client List” last April (“They realized it was all in good fun, even somewhat fantasy-oriented”), Hewitt confirms she is kept constantly active by her jobs on the show both behind and in front of the cameras.

“For me, there are no real breaks to just sit in my trailer and relax,” she confirms. “Someone is always coming in, asking a question or giving notes for four episodes ahead of where we are. That can be a bit confusing, because then, I go back on the set still thinking about that [future] episode.”

And that’s not all. “I’m also doing some directing on the show this season,” Hewitt notes, “so that adds even more obstacles … but in a great way.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin