client list episode 4 'The Client List': The wedding ring comes offOn the latest episode of “The Client List,” Riley uses the Beaumont Belles charity ball to finally reveal to everyone (read: Taylor Berkhalter) that Kyle is gone and he’s not coming back. Riley’s girl-power moment of telling Taylor that says everything about Kyle and nothing about her was definitely a highlight of the episode.

It was also nice to see the show zig where we thought it would zag with Evan not taking Riley to the dance. Throwing them together too quickly would be unseemly, so it was nice just to see them connect at the end – and not have him with her when she got home.

It’ll be interesting to see how Kendra handles her new getting-married-no-working thing. It would certainly be a shame to lose her from the show, so one would assume she’ll end up breaking it off? Hmm.

And raise your hand if Garrett seems like a total snake in the grass? Georgia’s on to him and hopefully Linette will be soon. He is absolutely bad news.

What did you think, “Client List” fans?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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