the closer ending 'The Closer': TNT wants less closure from closing

When word came that “The Closer” would end at the conclusion of Season 7, TNT issued a glowing press release in which all parties praised each other for all they’ve accomplished and lamented having to see it’s tenure on TV come to an end.

Well, apparently they’re so sorry they’re reconsidering the whole “ending” thing altogether.

Deadline reports that TNT is currently considering ways to get a little more life from its flagship series, which averaged more than 8 million viewers during its last season.

Several options are being discussed. There’s the quick, temporary fix: an additional six episodes tacked onto the current 15-episode season. And, more ambitiously, there’s a possible 9-episode order for a spin-off of sorts, in which the non-Kyra Sedgwick members of the cast carry on in a different scenario, presumably with less “closing.”

Option #1 is clearly contingent on negotiations with Sedgwick, who’s only contracted through the end of the 15 previously ordered episodes of Season 7. It’s up in the air as to whether she’d be up for it though, as the previously announced end of the series seems to be her decision.

So, “Closer” fans, are any of these options appealing to you? A super-sized final season would certainly work — but there’s something about a Sedgwick-less spin-off that screams “Golden Palace” to us.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell