kyra sedgwick the closer 320 'The Closer's' Kyra Sedgwick: Capt. Raydor 'sets something in motion' for all of Season 6“The Closer” is back for its sixth season on TNT Monday, July 12. Zap2it caught up with star Kyra Sedgwick to talk about the show’s sixth season.

Every season of “The Closer” has a theme, so what is the theme for Season 6?

“This year’s theme is attraction. I think it’s not just physical attraction but things that we’re attracted to in terms of work and people that we associate with,” Kyra tells us. “It’s always fun to watch themes as they occur, as they apply to every episode. And when this year opens we have a new building and Brenda hates it and she also comes up against a lot of obstacles. No one likes change even if it’s good, especially Brenda.”

Do tell! What are some of the changes coming Brenda’s way?

“There’s the Chief of Police position that is now going to be vacant at the end of episode one. That job and the possibilities of that job create a lot of drama throughout the whole season with Brenda and Pope, it’s really cool and good,” Sedgwick teases. “Also, Fritz gets a promotion within the department and he can’t but wonder if it’s because of his wife’s background.”

Season 5 saw the introduction of a new Alpha female in the form of Mary McDonnell’s Captain Sharon Raydor. We wondered if we would be seeing more of her in Season 6?

“Captain Raydor comes back in the first episode. She shocks Brenda into the reality of her past in the second episode,” says Sedgwick. “She sets something in motion that will play out throughout the whole season that is something she wants for Brenda and Brenda doesn’t necessarily want for herself.”

When asked what she thinks of the character of Captain Raydor, Kyra laughs, “It’s such a great character. She’s in some ways very much the antagonist. She becomes an antagonist and a partner and a catalyst for change. I think it’s just great having Mary there, she’s an incredible actress. The two of them together are a hoot.”

Season 5 saw a couple pivotal characters come into play — Brenda had to deal with both Kitty’s death and Kyra’s real-life daughter Sosie as her on-screen niece Charlie. What about those two storylines?

“Sosie’s not going to come back this year. They wanted her to come back but she is busy getting ready for college,” says Kyra. 

As for Kitty — after the sad demise of Brenda’s companion, we saw Fritz bring home Joel in the Christmas episode. Will there be more Joel?

“In the opening of the season, that cat has grown to be the fattest cat ever,” Kyra laughs.

Sedgwick is fresh off her fifth Emmy nomination for Lead Actress for her work as Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson on “The Closer.” She previously told Zap2it she’d “love for the show to get nominated” for an Emmy, but it was left off the ballot this year. Perhaps Season 6 will be the lucky charm for the show.

The sixth season of “The Closer” premieres Monday, July 12 at 9 p.m. ET on TNT.

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