There couldn’t have been a whole lot of oversight at FOX Sports’ “The College Experiment.” And now there’s not a whole lot of show.

A recent segment about University of Southern California students welcoming Colorado and Utah to the Pac-12 conference, which poked fun at a few Asian immigrants’ limited knowledge of college football, prompted the immediate axing of the series.

The AP reports network spokesman Lou D’Ermilio calls the segment “clearly offensive and inconsistent with the standards FOX Sports believes in.”

So how did the clip (embedded above) even make it to air? D’Ermilio cites a “breakdown in internal processes,” adding that the network is taking steps to make sure nothing of that nature happens again.

FOX Sports also apologized to U.S.C., Asian and Asian Americans and anyone who found the segment offensive.

And that number is presumably growing by the minute, as the clip will surely get a lot more life online than it ever did on “Experiment.”

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell