the crazy ones tca panel 'The Crazy Ones': 10 funniest lines from the TCA press tour panel

When one of the actors on your show is the legendary Robin Williams, you have to give him free reign to do what he does best: improv. The comic was out in full force on Monday (July 29) at the CBS TCA press tour panel for his new comedy, “The Crazy Ones.”

The new half-hour comedy, premiering this fall, revolves around a renowned advertising genius (Williams) whose unorthodox methods would get him fired — if he weren’t the boss. He heads a powerful agency with the biggest clients and brands in the world. The office is staffed with an eclectic group intent on keeping his antics in check, including his daughter (Sarah Michelle Gellar), who often questions her father’s sanity while trying to make a name for herself in the advertising world.

While the TCA panel didn’t delve deep into the content of the show, the room of press was treated to a half-hour filled with zingers and jokes from Williams … as well as his costars Gellar and James Wolk and executive producers David E. Kelley and Jason Winer. Here are the 10 funniest lines from the panel:

10. “I only do ad agencies now,” Wolk said of his roles on “Mad Men” and “The Crazy Ones.”

9. “I mean, he’s kind of funny,” Gellar jokes about Williams’ ad lib skills. “Stuff happens.”

8. “We’d like to thank everyone for coming here today to donate money to Edward Snowden,” Williams said in a funny voice at the start of the panel.

7. “Now that I have a moral GPS on my phone, it helps me. ‘The girl you’re texting is the same age as your daughter, reroute,'” Williams said.

6. Williams’ idea for a new show: “I have an idea for a vampire rehab called ‘Dark Meadows,’ type AA AA.”

5. “Yes, ma’am. Some that I know of,” Williams’ response to if he has kids.

4. “If you look under your chair, there’s a Happy Meal,” Williams joked about the large presence of McDonald’s in the first episode. 

3. “A lot of stalking on my part. I stalked Robin through his best man at his wedding,” Gellar said on how she landed the part.

2. “The last time I was on TV, ‘wired’ meant a gram and a bottle of Jack Daniels,” Williams said.

1. “Digital Attention Deficit Disorder, or DADD,” Williams joked.

“The Crazy Ones” premieres Thursday, Sept. 26, at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum