the crazy ones season 1 finale monster cbs 'The Crazy Ones' season finale: How did 'The Monster' and 'The Lighthouse' end Season 1?

“The Crazy Ones” Season 1 finale brought everything from book burning to messed-up dating to a multi-million dollar buyout. But considering that the show is on the bubble for a Season 2 renewal, did “The Crazy Ones” have the hilarious finale certain to bring viewers for another season?

The first episode of the two-part finale, “The Monster,” set up the premise that “The Crazy Ones” ended with: There’s an offer to buy the advertising agency. Simon, of course, doesn’t want to sell, but $47 million is a lot of money to accept a corporate overlord.

With the arrival of Sydney’s mother — played by Marilu Henner — the buyout drama only grows in the second part, “The Lighthouse.” The evil ex is, after all, the deciding vote on the deal.

So what do you think? Did the finale leave you wanting to watch more? Or has “The Crazy Ones” provided enough finality? Vote in the poll below!

Posted by:Laurel Brown