cw emmy people The CW: Is 'Supernatural' in its final season? Plus, 'One Tree Hill' details and moreThe CW day at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour “most aggressive and exciting fall schedule ever,” touting the returns of Rachel Bilson and Sarah Michelle Gellar to television. CW President Mark Pedowitz (who came on stage to a “Forever Young” soundtrack, as critics prepared their questions about how old he is) answered questions about all of our favorite shows. Read on for details!

Of course, yesterday, the network announced that they were picking up extra episodes of “Supernatural,” “Nikita,” “Gossip Girl,” and “90210.” Some fans have been concerned that “Supernatural” is being written as a final season, but Pedowitz says that this season of Season 7 is not intended to be the final season, but he personally hopes that it continues past this season. “It’s about the love of two brothers,” he says, when asked what has driven the show’s somewhat unexpected longevity.

As for why “The Vampire Diaries” didn’t get an extended episode order, Pedowitz says it was at the request of the executive producer. “Kevin Williamson felt to do the best show possible he would rather do 22. I’d rather have a great 22 than a good 24 if Kevin couldn’t do it,” he explains. “There will be a triangle, obviously, between Stefan, Damon, and Elena,
and we will see whether Stefan can stay evil or good… and we’ll
definitely see where Klaus goes and whether the hybrids will work.”

Some have been concerned about “Ringer’s” move from CBS to the CW, given the CW’s smaller budget. Pedowitz says it wasn’t a long conversation. “The show will not suffer one bit at all, whatever the economics may be,” Pedowitz says.

Asked about Sarah Michelle Gellar being slightly older than the typical CW leading lady, Pedowitz says that the CW isn’t all about high school and college shows. “Our core audience is 18-34. We recognize that. ‘Ringer’ is special for all of us here because it services the core audience of 18-34 but allows us to invite… other demographics.”

“One Tree Hill” will likely begin its final season in early 2012, for a likely 13 episodes. “At this point it’s the final 13,” Pedowitz says about the possibility of extending the season. “You never want to say never,” he adds, noting that he did speak to executive producer Mark Schwahn and that they agreed that 13 episodes is the best number to close it up. He also notes that James Lafferty is signed on for “multiple” episodes, but he didn’t recall how many.

“Gossip Girl’s” cast members have begun to express interest in leaving the show to pursue other ventures. Pedowitz says he’s a big believer in keeping casts together, and his goal is for Blake Lively and her co-stars to stick out their contracts.

He also mentioned Tom Welling, who Pedowitz says is currently in development. The CW hopes to see the former “Smallville” star return to the network as a star and potentially as an executive producer.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie