jensen ackles nina dobrev The CW OMFG FYC: Could Jensen Ackles or Nina Dobrev win an Emmy?Though The CW consistently comes in last place in the ratings, there’s no denying that the viewers they do have are fiercely loyal and totally obsessed. But are they Emmy voters?

Warner Bros. Entertainment seems to believe they are, because for the first time ever, The CW’s shows are being marketed for Emmy consideration.

In the most recent issue of Emmy Magazine, Warner Bros. launched the “OMFG FYC” campaign for its five CW-housed shows, officially submitting “The Vampire Diaries,” “Gossip Girl,” “One Tree Hill,” “Smallville” and “Supernatural” for consideration for Outstanding Drama Series.

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For those wondering, “Life Unexpected” and “90210” are not Warner Bros. shows, so they are not included in the campaign.

“Smallville” and “Supernatural” have been recognized by Emmy voters before, believe it or not. “Smallville” has received three Emmy awards — two for Outstanding Sound Editing (in 2002 and 2008) and one for Outstanding Editing (2006). “Supernatural” has been nominated for the Sound Editing and Outstanding Music Composition honors. Sure, they may not be the most glamorous categories, but they count.

Outside of technical categories The CW, like The WB before it, has traditionally been a blind spot in Emmy voters’ eyes. Unfortunately, we don’t see that changing any time soon.

“Gossip Girl’s” ratings have never reflected its buzz. The stars of the glamorous NYC shows are everywhere, as evidenced by endless paparazzi snaps and the occasional mug shot, but the hype around the actors didn’t translate to quality storylines this season. Jenny (Taylor Momsen) sewed drugs into a designer jacket? Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) came back blonde and preggo? Chuck (Ed Westwick) decided to trade Blair for a hotel?

The show submitted its final two episodes, “Ex-Husbands and Wives” and “Last Tango, Then Paris.” While we’re glad that they didn’t submit the drug bolero episode or any episode that involved Billy Baldwin, this just wasn’t the best season for Blair and her friends.

It’s a shame, too, because we think we’ve yet to see how far Leighton Meester‘s abilities can stretch. If there were categories for most expressive hairstyles or coolest voice-over, “Gossip Girl” might have a shot.

In its first season without leads Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton, “One Tree Hill” definitely floundered. In fact, it barely scraped through for Season 8.

The series just had too many characters involved in too many outlandish plots and lost touch with the emotional bonds between the characters that have kept its small but devoted audience returning for 7 years. Episodes submitted were “Last Day of Our Acquaintance” and “I and Love and You.” The former was a particular standout for series veteran Bethany Joy Galeotti, as her character, Haley, faced the impending death of her mom.

The penultimate season of “Smallville” carried The CW’s Friday night lineup. “Savior” and “Society” were the episodes submitted. We’re not sure why The WB didn’t throw the entire “Absolute Justice,” the two-hour movie event, into the mix. Instead, only the first hour was included — which may be a bit of a snub to star Tom Welling, who directed hour two. Together they were the highest rated episode of the season.

“The Vampire Diaries” was undoubtedly the network’s standout show in the 2009-2010 season. Its premiere broke network records in the ratings, and numbers remained high (for CW standards) throughout the season. We maintain that every episode of the series built and improved on its predecessor.

Two episodes were submitted for consideration: The pilot and “Lost Girls.” If the show were to have a chance at an Emmy, “Lost Girls” would be it. It’s an episode that highlights the series’ deft ability to move between present day and 1864 without compromising character or tone. It also illuminates the flawed nature of each character, and pushes its entire cast to the absolute best of their ability.

We’re not sure why the pilot was submitted. Though its cinematography is exquisite, it’s heavy on the exposition – one of the necessary evils of a pilot – and the actors were still trying their characters on for size.

Speaking of acting, “Supernatural” star Jensen Ackles is frequently touted by fans and critics as a possible Best Actor contender. Over the last two seasons, Ackles’ portrayal of a man who has literally spent 40 years in hell has certainly been heartbreaking and powerful at times. Unfortunately, there are also times that it’s been unreliable, occasionally due to inconsistent writing. WB appears to have high hopes for Ackles — they submitted “The End,” in w
hich Jensen pulled double duty, playing Dean Winchester in 2009 and a wearier, tragedy-stricken Dean Winchester in 2014. The two interact throughout the episode, a feat for any actor. (They also submitted “Changing Channels,” which will certainly appeal to your average TV geek… and, thus, your average Emmy voter.)

Ackles’ skill is improving regularly, and he shows the mark of a true great: his co-stars Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins are markedly better when performing alongside him than they are on their own or with other scene partners. Does Ackles deserve an Emmy nomination this year?

Definitely not while Kyle Chandler is still getting snubbed.

That’s not to say that Ackles won’t deserve one eventually. In fact, we think The CW is currently grooming the actors who will be tomorrow’s greats. Nina Dobrev‘s subtle shifts between her two characters, Katherine and Elena, in “The Vampire Diaries” finale are very telling of her natural ability and dedication to the craft. Ian Somerhalder has spent a decade on television, but it wasn’t until he hit The CW that he truly found his stride with Damon Salvatore.

In addition, “One Tree Hill’s” Sophia Bush and Bethany Joy Galeotti draw powerful reactions from viewers, and Leighton Meester‘s ease with both comedic scenes and emotional ones grows more apparent by the day.

Will they ever see Emmy gold for their CW characters? Probably not. “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Gilmore Girls” went unrecognized by Emmy voters, and no CW show has reached their iconic levels yet.

While the OMFG FYC campaign was a nice gesture, it was also a futile one. That said… the Teen Choice Awards are coming up, too, and surfboards are much more functional than trophies.

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