vampire diaries trio 320 The CW to stream on Hulu, finally!It’s about to get a whole lot easier to catch up on the antics of your favorite vampires, witches, rich kids, super spies and demon-fighting brothers. The CW and Hulu have reached an agreement to stream the network’s programming.

The new five-year licensing agreement allows Hulu Plus subscribers to watch the five most recent episodes of each CW show the day after broadcast, while regular Hulu users will be able to stream the episodes eight days later.

As a fan, this is great news — before, if you suffered a DVR-related mishap and somehow didn’t catch your show, you had to wait at least four days before The CW posted the episode online. And if we’re being honest, the player is kind of glitchy and annoying anyway. So, what we’re trying to say here is: Great news! Everyone wins! (Except for those of you not living in Hulu-friendly geographical zones. Maybe next time.)
Posted by:Jean Bentley