arrow stephen amell cw The CW's Green 'Arrow' at Comic Con 2012: 'This is not a show about a super hero'When it comes to Comic-Con, The CW’s “Arrow” is arguably one of the most anticipated new shows of the upcoming fall season. Taking a darker, gritter approach to a beloved comic book super hero, “Arrow’s” protagonist is a deeply damaged man who will stop at nothing to enact justice on the criminal element.

Zap2it sat down with executive producer Marc Guggenheim before the series’ enormous panel and he let us in on some of the team’s plans for the show. Here are the four things you need to know before the series debuts on Wednesday, October 10 at 8 p.m. on The CW.

Green Arrow isn’t superhuman — he’s an ordinary human being in an extraordinary circumstance. Not only will Green Arrow not have any super powers, but his friends won’t, either. Don’t expect Superman to fly in at any point in the run of this season. “Superpowers just don’t exist in our world. It’s the world outside your window,” Guggenheim confirms.

The monicker “Green Arrow” won’t pop up any time soon. “Green Arrow’s not gonna run around calling himself the Green Arrow,” laughs Guggenheim. “He’s
not gonna say, “This is a job for Green Arrow” because if you were a
vigilante, you wouldn’t do that. People don’t give themselves nicknames.
It would be a while on the show before we settle on a consistent
nickname. The cops of course have to name him something, the press will
name him something, but everyone will be using different names. They
don’t all immediately go, ‘Oh, let’s all get together and agree to call
him Green Arrow.’ Again, that’s not how it works. I’m amazed – Superman
had really good PR, I guess…
We’re throwing out nicknames left and right.”

We’ll see other DC characters very early in the first season. The executive producers are catering to the comic book fans at every turn — in big ways and small ways. “We’re drawing heavily from the DC universe,” Guggenheim confirms. “Not just in terms of
characters, but the thing I’m encouraging everyone to do is watch and
listen closely. Even when we’re not having a character like Deathstroke
that’s pretty obvious, there are little Easter eggs throughout that show
how we’re drawing in the DC universe and making that alive. In episode
3, we’re going to have a burger joint. I really want to use Big Belly
Burger from Superman comics.”

The arrow itself will be explained. “We’re gonna do a future episode where you’ll flashback to the island and
learn why he uses a bow and arrow vs a gun. There’s a very practical
ground of reason for it,” says Guggenheim — and he even says that there will be other weapons. “In his hands, anything is a weapon.
He’s got a little bit of Jason Bourne in him.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie