johnathon schaech star crossed The CW's 'Star Crossed' adds 'Ray Donovan' actor Johnathon Schaech for out of this world role

The CW’s midseason alien integration series just added another to its ranks: “Ray Donovan’s” Johnathon Schaech is set to recur on “Star-Crossed,” EW reports.

Schaech will play Castor, uncle to Matt Lanter‘s teenage tattooed Atrian alien Roman. 

The midseason drama “Star-Crossed” centers around two teenagers — one alien boy, Roman (Lanter), and one human girl, Emery (Aimee Teegarden). When an Atrian spacecraft lands in 6-year-old Emery’s town resulting in an immediate battle, she befriends one of the young Atrians, whom she helps until authorities capture him. 10 years later, a group of Atrian teens is allowed to enroll in the high school to test the ability of the two species to integrate, and Emery learns that Roman, the boy she helped, wasn’t killed — as she had thought — but kept in an internment camp with the rest of the aliens. The two rekindle their relationship, while animosity continues to grow between the two communities, putting Roman and Emery’s bond — and the chance for peace — to the test.

Castor has a dark and shady past as a radical militant Atrian, but he claims to have changed his ways to be more temperate and pro-integration. Roman still has his doubts about his uncle’s true intentions — even after Castor proves himself to be an effective politician within the Atrian Sector. 

Will Castor stick to his new life as a politician, working to better the relationship between the Atrians and humans? Or will his past come back into the present, making him an enemy of the new couple? We’ll have to wait until The CW’s “Star-Crossed” premieres midseason to find out.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum